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On hind of this example wt hive something tangible to prove our astrological laws; we have the mind of traders in the Wool Market who buy and sell as their judgment warrants. Nevertheless, they together, do just what they ate supposed to do. They juggle the wool price (in this case) up and down accord ing to the aspects produced by the horoscope erected for the time Wool was first traded They think "they make the price". They make nothing, but keep Wool in the prescribed rhyrhm of the natural law. Their action may be compared to a boy who hums along to the tune of a song played by a band. Sometimes he is a little off with his own rune, compared to the regular one, but just the same, he manages to do pretty well. So do we with our astrology on markets.

The market has only ups and downs. It may have headaches, an accident, an inheritance may come to it. But—it expresses itself only by ups and downs. Why should we, the little creatures, want to know closer details? Yes, wishing for such laws is alright, but getting them is another thing. With common single horoscopes such as astrologers play around, they seem to get something, it least they tell us so, bur we have no proois and, as astrologers pass very lightly over things when they do not work as they predict, they go right to the next aspect which may work or may not work again. And, as said above, we have not acqiiired the habit to check or to keep tab on personal events from day to day like market folks do. They keep track of every'day's performance, of the ups and downs very carefully. They keep charts. There is no rattling with facts. There is no rattling on a horoscope as you now can make for yourself, for your own birth and get aspects and progressions the way it was explained in this work. Only then, will you recognize that we have something tangible upon which we can rely; not rely in a way that we can avoid the aspects as some say, but to face them as they come and know chat on such and such a day something good or bad is due and face that like a man. This is all we can do. He who tells you something else does not know a thing about the laws of nature and nothing about astrology.


Since the birth of Grease Wool two and one half years have just elapsed. Now we can make the progressed horoscope and see how the original planets (now the radix positions) have moved forward in. Time.

We use for 1943, March 19-20, 1941, begin our year always on March 17th for each year.

Time of birth was 12:01 Noon, N.Y., or 4:37 P.M., London.

Use figure 21. Sun's place March !9th, at 2S'30'>i; on March 20th, 29"21'>f. Movement 59<" in 24 hours; in 4 hours 37' or 1/5 of a day approximately, for our purpose, the Sun moves 12'. Its progressed position on, March 17th, 1943 (not March 19th or March 20th!} was therefore 28*30'K + 12' or 2S*42'x. TTiis value is entered into the big Five-Fold Horoscope at its right place.

All others arc figured in a similar way. ty keeps its value as of March 19th 1941, so does ^. b, we advance 1' to 11*56'«. we advance 2' to 14*42' g \ 3 , moving 41' or chat day we give 8' additional to 20*28'V5. 2 moves 1*15' or 75'. We add to its March 19th Noon position 1/5 of the 75' or 15', And therefore don't even get one minute out of the way. Thus, o position for March l 7th, 1943, is 20'53'X. 3 moves 41' or S' for our work. This places g at 1*48'^.

Q and ^ remain unchanged and are encered as shown in the Ephemeris.

The progressed Ascendant we locate through the gradual advance of die Sidereal Time. The second year after birth it would be about 9' from the next following Sidereal Time after birth, which is 15*8', giving us a progressed Ascendant of 15"17'f5- In 1943 this value becomes 15*53'S + 9' 16'2's as the progressed Ascendant. However, noce, that the distance from one Sid. Time ro the other is getting smaller, which later on tequires a small adjustment of the 9' to take care of it. However, for our work it is not tmpoctanc and would not even attempt it, because we get off from the big road into petty work. Let us enter 16*2"S as the progressed Ascendant.

The Mid-Heaven, as said, when we discussed its progression, advances each day (equal to one year) at the rate of 1*0'50". In two years this amounts to 2*1'40" or roughly: 2*2'. Radix M.C. is 24*12'progressed for 1943 is 26* 14'This is also entered and the progressed chart is complete.

moves from March 19th to March 20th, 1941, from 20'34'^f to 4"18'V5 or 9*26' in ^ +- 4*18 = 13*44'. From the diurnal or proportional logarithm Table VII we find for the value 13*44' the corresponding log. of 2424 and for the 4h57' we find the value as 6856. Adding these found values, we get a log of 9280 which, we now work the other way, from inside to the oucside, and find the motion of © during the time of that specific day to be 2*50'. This value Is added to 5 March 19th, 1941, position: 20*34V plus 2*50' gives us for ® progressed 23*24' jf-. This is entered into the horoscope progressed and at the same time, the 13*44' daily motion is divided by 365. (not a leap year), which gives us 824'-i~365 or 2.26' as movement from one day co the next throughout the year 1943, from March 17th to Match l6th, 1944.

March 17, 1943 23"24.0GV March 18, 1943 23*26.26' Make your calendar. Match 19, 1943 23*28.52' March 20, 1943 23*30.78' .March 21, 1943 23*33'04 Continue this for the yeac.

Adjoining yon enter the aspects, if any fall due (taken from Table XH1).

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