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only once a year, on the day of the birth's recurrence. Otherwise -we leave them intact. But should an aspect fall due in the progressed horoscope, we have to make side calculations and adjust them that way.

The four tings contain the radix, the mundane and the two mirrored horoscopes. They remain permanent and 2re never changed or shifted.

The inner four arc to be considered the birth picture of the person analyzed, while the 3J of the outer horoscope, the 5th, called the progressed horoscope, is the actor. It causes by its progressed motion from day to day aspects to be formed towards the other planets. The angles used were described previously. The progressed ^ is the culprit in all cases. All other progressed planets are ignored except when they get aspects themselves from the progressed 5 .

ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL DECANS Each parr of the three-part division, which we have made for each house of the horoscope we shall call an "Artificial Decan Division", although the name "Decan." does not exactly apply to it. Actually deca means ten (10) and here is neither a division of ten nor is it a 10" division. We shall use this term because cenain relations are present and it is helpful. But to distinguish between an. Actual Decan and such a "Three Parts Division, wc shall call one a Natural Decnn, and the other an "Artificial Decan". The reason for doing this later on!

WHAT IS A MUNDANE HOROSCOPE Under Mundane we understand something that begins with 0* 7» and therefore, a Mundane Horoscope is a horoscope that begins with 0' T placed on the Ascendant. This way each House becomes 30' long and we find that on the cusp of the second house we must put 0* ¡j, on the cusp of the 3rd house we have to put 0" S. on the 4th 0* on thtf 5th 0' TtJ, and so on until we land with the 12th house at 0' That way we complete the circle of 360". If we do make a 10* division into this type of horoscope everything is clear, because when we divide a 30" house into 3 parts, we get automatically 10* for each third division. This therefore is an Actual or Natural Decan. Inside near the center of the frame of the five rings which is to become our Horoscope, we place the 12 signs of the Zodiac in the arrangement just spoken of, starting with T at the Ascendant or 1st house. The divisions of three which we made for each house gives us automatically the individual decans, whose degrees, if we would mark them, would show: 1st decan from 0" to 10*; 2nd decan from 10* to 20', and the third decan from 20* to 30*. Since we have to use instead of 30" a new sign which lies next to it, we have to say the third decan extends From 20* to 0*. This is illustrated in Fig. 7, page 45.

I am trying very hard, as you can see, to bring each and every detail that is required fitst so that we can understand the process of making the final chart complete. Then we shall not run into difficulties when we actually begin.. It is not a good policy to have to explain between important parts of the text some minor matter that had been overlooked before and, if not fully known or understood beforehand, we surely get things mixed up. But now I am satisfied that nothing is missing or omitted. All is explained to give us easy sailing into che real work, to make a complete horocope for March 17th, 1941, for 12:01 Noon, New York City.

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