The Erection Of The Aries Horoscope

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First we erect an Aries horoscope .

Draw a circle with a compass or free handed if you can do so. Make 12 divisions into it and enter the planets after you have figured them.

As to the construction of the circle and of the 12 houses be it said that the simplest way to go about this is:

1) draw the circle, then the horizontal center line running from Ascendant over to the Descendant, i.e. the line from 1st house to 7ch house.

2) , dtaw the vertical center line, from MC down to Nadir. This way we obtain a circle with its four quadrants. 3), divide with pencil one of the arcs of 90* into 3 pacts; two equally distant dots will do. 4), take a ruler and connect each such point with the middle or center of the circle and extend this line to the other side of the ciccle's periphery. That way you will get 12 perfect divisions of the circle.

When this is done, we put our Signs on the Cusps, together with the proper Degrees and Minutes. When we make an Aries horoscope frame, however, we do not need any degrees since we place the 0* of each Sign on the Cusps in regular succession and begin at the First House with 0" T, followed by 0" y on the Cusp of the Second House, 0* £5 on the Cusp of the Third House, making the round until we finish with the 12th House as 0" See Fig. 12, page 48.

The Ascendant Horoscope frame we have erected already, only we have nor carried it through completely and we had gone further already than I wished to go at the present moment, by having made the three divisions. In Fig. 13 I atn producing the Ascendant Horoscope frame which I suggest you would use for the moment and only later shall we use the more refined one with the Three Divisions.

From now on we do not think anymore about the Sidereal Time. We have used it for the erection of the Horoscope frame, but we don't need it at all to figure the Planets' Places. Be sure and forget about Sidereal Time while making all the subsequent calculations!


The position of the Planets for March 17th and March 18th, 1941 have been located In the Ephemerss of that year and we made a copy of their places at Noon in London on page 67.

Our time, however, is 32h 1' at New York, as found and shown on the same page equals 4h 56m P.M. at London. We also noted that these 4h 56m represent about 1/5 of a day's motion of 24 hours.

You will soon note that from' here on we shall have easy going since we took pain co explain every single point carefully and occasionally repeated items and ideas with slightly changed words so that the matter had to penetrate and that everything is clear.

We now place the Planets at 12:01 P.M. New York Time on March 17th, 1941.

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