The Division Of Each House Into Three Parts

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When we look over our frame of the horoscope "which we are supposed to construct on hand of some example for which we shall use temporarily yet our example on page 40, where the 12 different cusps for the1 Houses ate given, starting with 10th house cusp at 9"30' TT),, we go a step further and make an extra division of exactly three parts for each house, whatever the size the different houses might be. This division must be done carefully and correctly since a Jot of things depend upon this division and we have to use it constantly. Let us do this division with that old example! Therefore 1 repeat the positions:

Cusp of llch house 3"30' j?

Ascendant (1st House) 18*29'V3

Cusp of 3rd house 8*30' T

Cusp of 4th house Cusp of 5th house Cusp of 6th House Cusp of Descendant Cusp, of 8th house Cusp of 9th house

Then we measure the space between the 10th house and the 11th house and find that it covers 20*34' in Ttl, and an extra 3"30' in j? , all told 2-4*4'. The space of the 10th house is therefore 24* 4J long.

This space we divide into 3 equal parts:

Alter having drawn the division lines into the horoscope we give each one of the minor cusps its proper degree headings:

Original cusp of 10th house beats 9"26 TTU

The first inter mediate cusp gets 17'27'n\. (S*l' added to first) ;

The second intermediate cusp gets 25*23' TT\_ (8*1' added again) ;

The third or original cusp of 11th house carries 3*30'.i< (3"2' added).

This way we go through each House, make the three divisions exactly and enter the places with the exact degrees and minutes. As in the previous case we don't have to make all the 12 houses but only 6 of them, since the opposite sides Carry the very same degrees but with the opposite signs.

As a further example I shall take the division of the first House (from the first cusp to the second cusp) :

Size of house 47" 1* (1S"29'V3 to 29*20'^r) ; we divide by 3 gives 13*40' each. These parts we now add starting at the first cusp:

The 1st part extends then from 18'29' y? to 2*9' _sr;

The 2nd part extends from 2*9'^ to IV49' jr;

The 3rd part extends from 15"49' -r to 29'30'

They are entered into the Horoscope blank.

The V differential in dividing by 3 is not considered but used in the last third part.

We have not begun inserting our planets yet, although we have learned long ago how to figure their exact places, but this additional division of three for each single house had to be explained first, so that we now can puc the planets into their right places, taking cace not to put them anywhere else but into the small parts allotted to tfiem. Besides, bear in mind, that it happens often times that two or even three planets may hive to be put into one little sector, depending upon the planetary condition of the sky at the time the horoscope is made.

One more matter is important to facilitate reading a chart: write! all the planets that belong into the left hand of the chart so that they face all downwards and all those to be put into the right half side of the chart so that they face towards the right. What I mean by this you can see when you look at the Main Chart Fig. 23 and the way I entered the planets, together with the degrees and sign. (Page 60).

While we have placed on the outside ring at each subdivision our correct degrees and proper sign, we have to place them also inside, next to each planet not only its proper degree and minute, but also the sign. This is donq for various reasons, but mainly to avoid errors when measuring aspects. Of course, after we are finished casting out horoscope, I shall show you how to ultimately discard even the horoscope by making special tables which are for permanent use and which facilitate the work tremendously. But, don't now say: Why shall I work my head off here now when later on I can discard this portion anyhow? You cannot make the table unless you go through all the work of making first the correct horoscope and1 only then, after you have the complete work before you, is it possible to make out of it a sort of a short-cut Table, but not before.

The individual planets must be entered into each chart specifically into the provided rings. We shall figure all planets' positions first for the radix chart, then for the mundane chart, afterwards for the two mirrored charts and ultimately for the progressed chart. We have all told 5 rings combined into one horoscope. In the outer one we enter the progressed planets, because this ring has to be changed or adjusted each year, since the planets, which we place therein, keep on moving from day to day, from year to year, but we make the change of places

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