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Hie greatest handicap for ali students of astrology represents the quantify of list net terms and expressions, which are used. The idea, that we have to put ourselves as the center of the universe is another difficulty. In this case we, individually, are the IT. This "it" is to be scrutinised and checked how it is influenced by the planets, that run around in space. Fig. 1.

Of course, of prime importance is the recognition that we, as individuals are influenced by the way the various planets strike us -with their rays. If we do not premise this beforehand, we have no use for astrology.. This is why millions of people say: I have my will and with it I am going to accomplish my work and make my money. Of coursc, they don't know, that they actually have no will in themselves. Whac they call will is nothing but the driving force, emanating from the planets toward them. Only he, who knows the right laws can contr&l that force.

^hen we size up roughly the various planets, "we note chac it takes some planets such as the Sun, Venus and Mercury a year to gee a round our earth {i.e. around ourselves), another, Mars, takes 2y2 years; another, Jupiter, takes 12 years and more distant planets require as much as a'hundred years. However, there is a certain regularity in their movements. Even though it may recjuire thousands of years, a very same condition in the Universe with all the pianets should occur again. This we would then call a complete cycle of identical repetition.

Seme say astrology is easy to learn, others again pretend it is very hard. It all depends whac one wants to get out of it.

I believe it all depends upon the right beginning. If the student started the wrong way, he will find many difficulties to get rid of those wrong rules and regulations. He reminds me much of the immigrant from Europe, who, after landing in our country falls in with natives of his land, instead of associating immediately with native Americans. His English will always be a mixture, which few can understand and, if he later pays a visit to his native land, he finds that he even can't be understood by his own former countrymen on the other side anymore since he "acquired" & language that is no language ar all, besides he has lost what he knew of his original tongue.

One thing is stated here for the benefit of the fast students: When the average student studies a language, physics or chemistry in high school that language


or science course lasts for 3 years consecutively and. when he is through, mostly discover that he cannot even use what Ive had learned for want of experience. I distinctly recall myself, after studying French for 91 years in school, I found myself one day in a restaurant in Switzerland. There with n French friend I talked French as good as I knew, when I heard a parry talk at an adjoining table. T listened, buc could not understand a word they said. I asked my friend: "Whit language do you think these people talk"? He said: "That's French." 1 was thunderstruck: learning for 9 years a language, talking this language as good as possible wirh a Frenchman just then, and did not understand the neighbors who talked the same language. The reason was that the ears were not accustomed to hear the French sounds regularly joined together in. normal conversation.. Be it said, that after that episode, it took about 3 months, but then I could understand anyone and speaic to anyone, sine« I had no occasion, to talk another language but French.

The idea ■which I wish to bring home is: to learn astrology and use it does not take "Five easy Lessons and two -weeks Time." Take that out of yout rriind! Anyone who sells a course with such an understanding knows nothing himself about the intricacies of interpretation.

Of course, most of these people get away wirh such statements because, on the surface, there does not seem to be any chance to check statements of such kind. However, I shall try to prove definitely how this can be done.

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