Sidereal Time

There is a certain, rhyrhm in the Heavens which is known by the name of Sidereal—or Star Time. This rhythm amounts to a regular daily movement of 3 minutes 56.555 seconds. I could explain in fancy technical terms how this figure is found, but we are not astronomers and have no use for their work other than for practical application. (Tit for tar!) That we, at least, know how this value is joined in the heaven and to the t point, we say: Each time,' once a year, the Sun. is at a point in the heaven which is called 0* Aries. This happens March 2lst to 22nd of each year. Remember, this happens at different times on those days. Some times it may be in the early morning, at other times in the afternoon. Whenever this occurs, we call this moment 0* Aries for the Sun and 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds of Sidereal Time. From this place the Sidereal Time advances each day } minutes 5<S seconds, (decimal 555), (3m56.555s), until it completes a full round of 24 hours. By that time the Solar Year is completed. For verification we look'up Raphael's Ephemerides of Planets' Places for 1941, on page 6, first column left, next to the date. Ic shows under "Sidereal Time" as follows:

March 22nd,."23 hours 59 min. 21 sec.

March 2Jth, 0 hour 11 min. 11 sec.

Note, of course, that the 24 hours mentioned above are not 24 hours of our clock rime. A clock, during one year, goes 730 times around the dial, the 24 hours ate meant as measured in Sidereal Time, which moves in one year 24 hours.

The planets which we use to measure aspects are taken from Ephemeris Tables which show the geocentric Longitude. This means we use the planets' places as seen from the eirth. We ignore completely the other possibility, that we could look at the angles as i/ we were on the Sun. Such a view is called heliocentric view. This represents an entirely different field and is treated in my "Handbook".

Besides, there are aLso other measures for planets" places, those relating to Latitude and Declination. We do not need them. Some astrologers use so-called Parallels, meaning by- that expression that two planets are in the same degree of declination. But we forget also about diat idea. As you will note, I am dispensing with a lot of rules that a« found in text books and ^ have good reasons to take them out. Many rules which have used are not found in text books. Ia fact, when we get over to-the actual work, you will note how perfectly easy and safe we can cast horoscopes, that give a great percentage of worthwhile data "when" things should happen to a Native. It takes a little while to clean house, but when once done, matters will proceed easier. Happy may those be called who have -not wasted a lot of time on usual textbook astrology! They are. more receptive to my ideas compared to those who had a lot of wrong ideas planted in them.

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