Shortcuts For Calculations

One of the most important steps to be taken from here on is to master counting with degrees, minutes and even seconds just as if you would count dollars and cents. I know from experience that if one don't catch on to this light in the beginning, he will be constantly limpi-ng and be constantly making errors which must not happen. You will meet difficulties when you have to figure from one sign into another, since the sign following is always starting at 0*, while previously you find yourself in the 20'-30" quantity. But, when you conceive that 30* of a sign is the same as 0* of the next sign, so that you can, for calculations' sake, count 2S", 29", 30', 31*, 32*, etc.. of the first sign and after you are through with your addition simply drop 30* and give the balance the name of the new sign, you will find it easy. The exact rotation of the signs must be learned, of course, and no error must come in from that side. Let me illustrate a case: Supposing the Moon's place at noon is 28* 14' TTL and the logarithmic value which has to be added may amount to 8* 42', then we just say: 28*15JTT^ plus + 8*42J gives us 36*57'!1\ Drop off 30* but use the next following sign, we get 6*57'y without any fuithet ado.

Another illustration, for occasional use, may help quite often to clear up uncertainties as to what ii what: For example 0*1' y is the very same as 30*1' rri; it h even the same as 29'CjI' Tt|_. However, we never use a value of 29>*6l' of any sign. 'When we make additions it happens sometimes that we arrive at such queer figures which may puzzle us for a moment. When we disect, discard first the erica 60 minutes contained therein and calj those 60' one degree; afterwards, when we see that we have reached 30* of the sign, we call this 0' of the next sign. We work all difficulties out of the way. "When working with Sidereal Time similar troubles arise quite frequently. In that case we may run into several hours above the regular 24 hours; we may get 84 minutes as value at the minute side. We can't have such values, but are required to discard each 24 hours as soon as the value runs above 24. We also discard all minutes above 59 minutes, by substituting for each full minutes one degree (1").


The main purpose is to have a chart of oneself that is reliable and that can. be figured several years ahead, if desired, and see one's own ups and downs as they fall due.

- The next purpose is to work out charts for other people, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Of course, I do not believe you will be able to take care of everybody that way, since the work-out of such charts takes time and demands exact work, else the results are poor.

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