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A Horoscope having good aspects with very few evil ones (all this is visible from che Speculum) shows a person fortunate «id with constant supply of money. What he touches usually turns to gold. Bad times are either completely unknown or they will do little harm in the event they do arrive. Speaking in. terms of market operations, with which we can better sec the results of aspects than on human beings, I would say that, if a person has a good speculum and a bad aspect strikes him, he may miss a move, but it won't cost him much money. He may get out of a position in the market too soon, whereas, had he held on to it, he would have realized so much more profits.

Natives that have no important aspects to speak of, those that have several angles of 38", 100", 114* or such that axe not within a degree or two f/om an important aspect of 43*, 60*, 73*, etc., usually lead an uneventful, quiet life. They may begin after completing school in some line of business or in some factory and remain there all their life. Nothing happens to them, nothing excites them. They never will be very rich and they never will be entirely down in the dumps.

Note, that we do not consider House positions nor Sign positions of the planets for reasons explained previously! They would lead us astray, to say the least.


Our next step now is to enter the planets of the Radix Horoscope into the special ring provided for them in the Five-Ring Horoscope. After we have made up the chart with 5 rings which also his to contain the three-divisions of each House, together with the degrees and minutes and sign belonging to each sub-cusp and to the main, cusp, as shown in Fig. 11 and re-made into Fig. 17 completely, but only for the radix horoscope. You will note that the size of the drawing must be enlarged, else you cannot do this work right. When we have completed this task, our next step will be the construction of the Progressed Chart for the year.

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