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1. To locate any place for which a horoscope is to be cast, requires a good map aside of a knowledge of distances from places shown on the map to a birth place which might not be plotted or registered on the map available.

7. Knowledge of the nearest listed place in our Table IX and the measure

Nautical Almanacs bring hundreds of places with exact Longitudes and Latitudes. (1944 issue brings them at pp 504-514).

taken from that place towards the birth place in Longitude as well as in Latitude, act overlooking the direction which may lead away from Greenwich or towards Greenwich; South or North when considering the Latitude.

3. Finally, we must know that the actual length of Longitudes and Latitudes vary depending upon the Latitude of the place. of Longitude on the Equator is 69.172 statute miles; in Longitude 30*, around Jacksonville, Fla., one degree Longitude is but 59.956, in Longitude 40", around New York, it is 53-063 statute miles and in Longitude Liverpool one degree of Longitude is but 41.719, diminishing to nothing at the North Pole (In South Latitude the sime way, of course).

On the other hand, the difference in latitudinal degrees is very small and can be disregarded altogether for our work. For curiosity we can say that at the Equator one degree of latitude is equal to 68.704 statute miles or 110.567 kilometers, 2t 40' its length is 68-993 or 111.033 km.; at 53" its length is 69.151 statute miles.

The Table on page 101 brings the length, of one degree of Longitude expressed in statute miles and kilometers for various Latitudes.

Aside from someone that might be bom at some odd place of che world for whom a horoscope should be cast and in which case this Table should prove useful, 1 wish to bring forth another idea which explains the purpose of this Table.

Supposing someone is prospecting for gold in Alaska and makes a strike. Assuming he is 100 miles away in a northerly direction from one of the places given in Table IX, let us say Dutch Harbor which lies S3"53'N. In a 50*N. latitude each single degree of latitude is 40.749 miles, getting smaller as the latitude goes further north. Therefore, 40.7 miles north of that place he is at the 55th degree, 39.7 miles further at the 56th degree, and 38.7 miles further he is at the 57th degiee North. So that his latitude 100 miles north is close to 57*N. I stated in another place that horoscopes for fairly high latitudes have their houses in unusual conditions, the house lengths are much out of proportion, compared to charts made for Latitudes up to 50" The proportional divisions for the Five-Fold Horoscope, therefore, have to be correctly figured, else our mundane positions get wong and results cannot be obtained.

Id the event the place would not be strictly co the north of the given place, but North-North East of it, we would have to help ourselves by the use of a triangle, of which the distance from the known place to the unknown place would be the hypotenuse of the right angled triangle, from which, with a little mathematics we could figure very closely the laticudinal differences.

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