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Of course, the lands are full of quacks in all sorts of businesses: This is true also in tie field of astrology. The gullibles, who believe anything} and everything without first investigating themselves the actual possibilities, are taken anywhere. "Caveat emptor," says the Latin proverb. It applies to any thing you buy. The buyer has to watch out because tbe seller has the advantage of possessing the goods. He can paint them rosy and in brilliant colors. You, as buyer, happen to have the aspect, the desire to want that certain thing. When one wants something, and wants it badly, he is easy going. Then be pays little attention to quality or price. Therefore, let us examine the case of a young gtrl who has boea keeping company with a boy. She wants to know if she has a chance to many him. The nearest fortune teller will cast a horoscope for a dollar or two. The fortune teller will usually tell her that her desire will be fulfilled. If "it" does turn "otherwise," "it" is just too bad. The money is spent; that's that. Such fortune tellers are not astrologers. It takes quite some time to erect a horoscope and to figure out what should happen to a person over a fixed period. This you will get to learn yourself from this work. After the fortune teller comes a certain type of would-be astrologers that sell Sun horoscopes, personal ones, they are called. They divide the people at large into 12 parts and for each 12th person, on the average, there is one horoscope available. Is this fooling the public or not? Wlen we jus-t think that we have over 130 million people in out country, how can 10 million of these people have the same events in life? But these types of horoscopes sell by the millions each year and may be classed among the "best sellers" of the year at any time. I may not come back to this subject anymore, but Just think of this when you have progressed far enough to understand rny methods.

The exactness of astrology can best be recognized when we check the life of twins or triplets. Some times you heai about identical twins, although (wins are often times far from being identical. The difference of twins, although they may be but a few minutes apart in their actual bitch moments lies in the faot that 1) the sidereal time continues to move from one second to the next, that 2) the planets also move constantly. But it is not so much the planets" positions in the signs of the Zodiac as their position in the sub-division into which they fall. The special Third-Divisions of the houses, which will be treated in a special chapter, bring mundane and mirrored positions into completely different sectors. (They account for it. It would be anticipating matters, if we would go further into this subject at presenc, else we split ideas too much. Suffice to say, that the exact work required to erect a horoscope, accounts much for the results.

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