Rectification Of A Chart When Time Of Birth Is Unknown

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There are many methods in existence to rectify birth charts. I believe I have tested as many as anyone. I found few reliable. My method is seemingly complicated on the surface, but it is easy to follow step by step.

We know that the Moon is the culprit that brings forth changes. We know the Moon's daily progressed motion from birth on.

Therefore, let us assume, we only know the day of birth and not the time or moment, "whether morning, noon, or night. All we know is the place of birth and she day. The native usually remembers two or three- events in his life that were of importance to him of which he recalls the exact day. Do not use marriages or children's births for parents; they are caused by all sorts of aspects and by all sorts of combinations, by Venus, Mercury, M. C., etc., aspects. Due to the fact that in most horoscopes O, S and (J are close together, you. cannot distinguish which of the planets was the cause. We must take recourse to different events, such as: accidents, removal from place to place, sudden illnesses and their length, operations, a sudden windfall of money (inheritance, winnings, etc.). These events depend as a rule on one of the following planets: S , ^i, Jgt or b'.

S brings sudden illness and fever;

91, money (gains and losses) ;

ijt, sudden changes of domicile or of employment;

b , most anything that is slow and persistent (good or bad) .

We erect the native's horoscope with O'T on the Ascendant. We enter the planets as of London Noon as shown in che Ephemeris of the day of birth.

Supposing our native was born August 3rd, 1901, had an accident on May 25th, 1937. Supposing we do not know it what hour of August 3rd, 1901, he was born, I.e. the exact time. But we know he was born at che 14th degree East of Greenwich and at 48 North Latitude. The accident happened May 25th, 1937. This is 35 years plus 29*5 days after birth.

Step No. 1: The only horoscopes we can make roughly (by using the planets' positions as of Noon London of che day of birth) are: the Radii and the Radix Mirrored. Horoscopes. The Mundane and Mundane mirrored depend upon the Cusps of the Houses i.e. upon the degree and minute that rises in the East. We make these two horoscopes and place O'f on the Ascendant,. 0*« on the cusp of the Second House, etc., aand enter the planets, *s of August 3rd, 1901, together with their mirrored positions.

Step No. 2: We enter in a third ring (or outside) the position of the Moon progressed as of 35 years 295 days later at Noon in London. This means: we take the Moon's position 35 days after birth, i.e. for September 7th, 1901, and also figure out the proportionate movement this Moon has moved forward these 295 days, by dividing the motion from Sept. 7th to Sept. 8th, 1901, by 365 and multiplying the result of 295 (the days from August 3rd to May 25th, 1937). This value we add to the Noon position at London of Sept. 7th, 1901.

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