Recapitulation Of Several Details Which We Have To Recall To Lead Us Over To The Other Types Of Horoscopes

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In Fig. 17 the Radix Horoscope of March 17, 1941 made for 12h 01' P.M. at New York, N.Y. is carried out completely together with che Thirjd-DLvisions of which we spoke before.

The divisions have to be made carefully. The units (The Thirds) found are entered into the final complete five-fold Horoscope on the inside of che ring as shown in Fig. 23, The constant need of the length of these Thirds to make proper proportions made me place them at prominent spots (See Fig. 11, page 48) •

Fig. 13 shows the division of the First House which measures 19*44' into 3 parts, two of them contain each 6*35', the last pact contains 6*34' which makes all told 19*44'. On each Cusp the degree and- minute together with the sign belonging to it is marked. This is done all around for the 12 houses.

In the Third House I show that the First Division is called the First Decan, the Second Division the 2nd Decan and the Third Division the Third Decan, These arc Artificial Decans since their size varíes, depending upon the size of the House they are in. In our example the Decans (the Artificial Decans) of the First House are 5*35' long, while the Artificial Decans of the 4th House show 12*1' for each. The Decans of che 2nd House have again their own lengths, so have the Decans of the Third etc. There must be no mix-up about theit sizes; they have to be figured exact for each House and their actual size is entered in the center for the big Horoscope Fig. 23-

The beginning of each Decan is called the Cusp of the Decan. We show in Fig. IS in the 9th House the various Cusps of the Decans belonging to the 9th House. The Cusp of the 1st Decan of the 9th House is 26" 15' the Cusp of the 2nd Decan of the 9th House is 3*54' ; die 3rd Cusp of the Decan of the 9th House is 14*53' H aid the 1st Cusp of the 10th House Decan becomes 24" 12' So we go around and note each decan, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd decan of each House.

In Fig. 19 we show an Aries Horoscope, wherein we start with 0* T at the Ascendant, 0* Z as Nadir, 0" ^ or what amounts to the same, 30" TTJJ on the Descendant and 30" or 0' VJ on the MC. In this case we see that naturally each House is of equal length, 30*. since 30* x 12 = 360'. 360* is the degree content of a circle.

When we divide each such House into three parts as we did with the other horoscope, we get the true Decans, the K'antral Decan whose size is 10". 3CT 10. So that we have 36 Natural Decans in one circle, three to each House. Each House has again its 1st, 2nd and 3rd Natural Decan. The 1st Natural Dec^n begins at 0° and ends at 10* of any House; the 2nd Natural Decan begins at 10*0' and ends at 20'0' ; the 3rd Natural Decan. begins at 20*0' and ends ar 30" or at 0" of the next sign, which for our work here we call 30",

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