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Another division astrologers make: they distinguish between fiery planets, airy ones, earthly planets and watery planets. They call some beneficial planets, others they call evil planets. There may be something to such a division but 1 am sure it is not what they claim. From experience, after having faithfully used all these brain twisters J came to the conclusion: out with them and eradicate all these trouble-causing distinctions. In any horoscope or chart you simply -want to know: is the trend of this life upward or is it downward? When are periods of good times and when arc the others coming? When times run good, most anything you undertake during such times will succeed; if times are indicating evil periods, just lay low, take things easy and don't get overwrought with worry and excitement The planets will take care of you; nobody else will.

ABOUT PLANETARY HOURS Another one of these fancy ideas of astrologers is the part which planetary hours are supposed to play. They mean just as little to an individual as other half-baked ideas. True, there are vibrations thac seem to run from hour to hour, such as a sick man will always be worse between 4 and 5 P.M., or, when you are in a big hall, where a lot of people gather together, you may notice! that the re are short periods of tremendous noise, followed by periods of pronounced dead-ness, so that you even can heat a pin drop. But with such things nothing can be done that would produce definite fi^ed data for events. These are conditions which we probably never can solve and are of no consequence.

Some -of the astrological magazines are constantly telling people about planetary hours. Forget about that type of astrology and use safe and sound methods which, at least, give you days when something definite is due to occur and be guided accordingly to undertake things or leave them alone.

EACH PLANET RULES ONE DAY? While we are criticising, I might just say that the idea of giving each day a certain planet is just as foolish, when we only consider this idea from a normal condition. Let us assume this to be true that it was brought over from ancient times. In this case we are a few days out of the way since the Catholics changed their calendar in October 1588 and left 10 days out. The English people changed theirs in September 1752, when they left 11 days out. Since a week consists of 7 days we are 4 days wrong anyhow.

Thus, out with giving each day of the week a planet! Having eliminated all trash, many a text-book would now look like a shorn lamb!

However, here is a general rule which you should consider: any planet that is ahead of the Sun is stronger than a planet that approaches the Sun. The former has passed the Sun recently while the latter is weaker, approaching now the Sun to be loaded, so to say, with new Sun energy. But even that is not too important when we consider that a planet approaching the Sun still has enough energy in itself to be able to reach the Sun.

ABOUT PLANETS IN THE VARIOUS HOUSES Another idea is given to you here about certain text books which contain big descriptions of tbe char act et of people whose individual planets arc located in this or that sign, in this or that house. Do not even pay any attention to where your planets are; whether they are in. Aries or Virgo, whether in the 5th or in the 9th house. Just know where they ate in relation to the Moon. If you read just for fun the horoscope of a person you know personally, analyzing it according to the descriptions given in those books, you, no doubt, will construct such a miscreature, such a freak man or woman that you would be ashamed to cnll

THE FIVE-FOLD HOROSCOPE FOR GREASE WOOL Born on March 17, 19-41, at New York City, N. Y.

The progressed horoscope ol this chart is made /or the year 1943. 3 motion this year 13*44'. DaiJf motion Jj 2.26'.

Longitude 75-' West Latitude 40*43' North. Time: 12:01 Noon.,, ^ PJuto in ptïnt. ~ O

him a man, I have tried it because my nature is such chat I believe firsc and prove things to myself afterwards. I have analyzed myself according to one of these famous books, jotted everything down what I was supposed to be, then looked in the mirror trying to recognize myself.

It was not me, although the horoscope proper was mathematically correct. Now a few words abouc the aspects with which we have mainly to do. I cold you that from d evecy 15* forms .in aspect. Thes: aspects we have to use. We will not consider others.

ABOUT MUTUAL ASPECTS There is on and off one aspect that is stconger than an other, depending upon the special angle that is cast or the planet which is involved. For our measurements, as we later see clearly, we do not use mutual aspects, i. e. aspects between a planec, not the Moon, towards another planet, not the Moon, such as aspects between Mercury and Saturn or Venus and Jupiter. They mean nothing to us, since they are very slow to form and our ephemerides are not exact enough to locate the day of their formation. Not only this is the reason for us ignoring ail these mutual aspects, but I have tested so many of them with precision and found that they are not useful irrespective of what astrology books tell you about it. Those who do not believe this statement are just reminded about the ordinary mutual aspects as they occur in the sky from day to day. There are traders in stocks and wheat who just lay for such mutual aspects to make their trade commitments, When they see a trine Sun to Jupiter approaching, they buy; when they see a square Sun to Saturn coming, they sell. What does happen? Either nothing at all, or the market goes the wrong way. For practical purposes those mutual aspects just help you lose money gradually and know one thing: if they don't work on wheat to some extent, they don't work for other living things either.

Of course, if you want to work with great exactness and proceed the way I show in the case of locating Mutual Aspects of the Stock Horoscope, you would fare well; but, what work! Results are found better and easier with our regular Moon progressions.

ITS CHEAPER TO LEARN FROM THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS My work and method is not produced from copying other books or from fancy ideas that grew in my mind, which have no practical value whatever, buc know, that everything which is given, which is suggested and also that which is advised to discard has a practical cause and reason. I have never used astrology to play around to amuse myself and others, but used astrology to find the laws which govern, us and to follow these in a practical way. This is why, on the surface, some of my statements may sound strange, even too frank and too forward for the average student, but I have fared very well with my clients which are distributed throughout the globe on account of my frank and intrepid statements, if I am once convinced of a thir>g. This does not imply that I am not subject to errors like everyone eise, but any statements made in this work have been thought about carefully and tested many years already and proven right and when I have discarded certain rules, including most of the common astrological rules, 1 have prior to it put all my efforts to make them work and if I saw one failure after the other arising from their use I just merely killed the rule and threw it out for good.

Originally, when I starred writing this book I intended to pass up on those things and say nothing about them, but a few days ago in order to brush up on those loog forgotten no-good rules, I took in old astrology book, still in my possession, which 1 found so full of notes and remarks and so full of rules which arc nor rules at all, that I began to tell you first about one rule that must not be used, then proceeded to the next ¿nd so, gradually going through that old book. I now have eliminated or told you all the rules that must not be used provided you want to operate with my methods. Now, since I am through, that old astrology book originally containing 252 pages has 14 pages of useful rules rules left. Such is the situation with astrological books. In case you arc entirely a novice Ln astrology so much the better; if you are an old timer and begin to work wirh my method you soon will discover that not one word of my statements Deeds a a revision or a change, but that everything is just as stated.

The greatest trouble why such books can circulate freely and have many rakers is that thete are very few astrologers who dare to speak up against such books and there are still others who cling to vague unsatisfactory laws and rules and don't even notice that they are not useful.

The book, by the way, of which I criticised so much is not an English text, but -written in another language, although the style is closely related.

I believe I have told you before that due to my intense interest in astrology, I have not only studied English texts, but all other texts available in any tongue which I could understand and I happen to understand quite a few languages.

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