Progressed Aspects

We have, so far, not given any consideration to the aspects cast by 2 toward the progressed planets.

It can be democisttited easily how the few aspects acted, which formed towards them during this time and we shall locate them very closely. Since for the first year we have noc cast a progressed horoscope, just the same the planets did progress after birth, evetn though it was too shore a time to have already lacge differences existing between radix and progressed planets-

We check the radix planets and see whether any aspects were formed to any of them and, if so, we measure right away how far (he progressed planet had advanced in thac time.

Oa April I<3, 1941, the Sun radix forms a & to progressed Moon. This happened 30 days after birch.

The Sun since birth had moved by that time 1* oc SO' divided by 363 and this multiplied by 30. If we figure the value, we have the progressed Sun for thai time.


G progressed, instead of having remained at 26*12'^ had traveled by April 16, 1941, 5' further to 2(5*17' which gives us an aspect of progressed gi to progressed 0 for this nvoment and it hit April. 18, 1941, 2 days later than

t also cast ail aspect to the progressed ^ from the radix position, calling for a check of the progressed b on April 29th. However, ics motion is so slow that we cannot express it for those 43 days, bur it was there just the same. The effect should have been felt an hour or so later and should have been of the same kind as that caused by the radix b the same day.

■2J radix makes also an aspect on July 3, 1941, but its motion is also too small to cause any differential as yet. It will do so in a few years, even already in one year, bur noc in a period of 3 months. It will, when closely figured, produce the same effect a few hours later by progressed position, but no more.

With Mercury, which casts a radix □ aspect on August 4th, 1941, it is different. This planet travels 33' from March 17 to Mtrch IS, ihe speed we have to use for the first year's progression. In the 143 days difference from che bitth date to August 4th ks motion -was by progression: 33'->-365 Xx43-=L3'.

These 13' we have to add to the radix place to obtain S progressed place: as (f progressed place which is reached by August Llth, 1941, by progressed 1J. On this date we get SQ S P which should cause a further decline.

Special Note: In case an aspect works contrary to expectation or laws as given here, then expect this aspect to keep working contratywisc until the next comes in. Do not think that everything is wrong or lost now! This is but a temporary condition because something else, unknown to us is [here, misguiding the effect like a ftcighc car may get for a short time on the wrong track.

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