Practical Application Of The Fivefold Horoscope In Markets

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We erect a Five-Fold Horoscope for human beings always for the time of their birth, Business Horoscopes, erect for the Time of Incorporation, Partnerships for the time when agreement is signed, for unlisted stocks, erect Horoscope for the time the first stock certificate is issued. If listed on an exchange erect it for cbe first day of listing on the exchange. In case a stock first listed on the Curb or at some other Exchange and later transferred to "the Big Board", make a new Horoscope for the Big Board and forget about the old listing. That horo-

scope died out with the transfer. The time used is 10:00 A.M., Standard, or Daylight Savings Time as the case may be. Do not wat-ch for the exact time of the first trade. It might occur at 10hl0' or at 12hl5', even the next day, but due to the fact that no important aspect occurred previously that would have caused a trade, the stock just simply did not sell. However, it could have been traded ac 10:00 A.M., if one wanted to trade in tr. This is important to recognize.

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