Permanent Formula for Mundane Calculations

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STEP No. 10 So we make a proportion which says:

As the size of a Natural Decan is to the size of a Radix Decan {which we also call an Artificial Decan), in the same proportion must the planet be away from the Natural Decan Cusp compared to x {which is our unknown value). In numbers this equation looks much simpler. When substituting now the value for the Radix Moon to place it into mundane position we say:

10*0' is the size of a Natural Decan. 7 "20' is the size of an. 8th house three-division, i.e. the 8th house Artificial Decan (size of 8th house changes in every horoscope, though!) ;

5*2/ is the distance of the Moon from its neatest natural decan which in our case is at 20*0'.

We rum the degrees into minutes and get:

By switching x to the left side of the equation and all other values to the right side, we get:

X —= 302 X 440 600; 120S -f- 600 — 201r or 3*21'.

This formula must be strictly followed with each planet when figuring the mundane positions.

But this is not complete as yet. The value 3*21* tells us only chat the planet in this case) is that far away from the 8th House 2nd Artifical Decan. So we take the value of the 2nd Decan Cusp of the 8th House and add to it our value of J'21' and obtain as final value (taken from Fig. 20, page 53).

22*16'^- (See Fig. 20A) This value is a figure nobody ever could expect or suspect; from the plain figures of Fig. 14 and Fig. 15 nothing is visible whatever about an active point for the Moon in Aquarius. In Fig. 14, Aquarius is in the 11th house; in Fig. 15 nothing is found in Aquarius, the 8th house. Just the same, we have been able to place a planet at the degree and minute of Aquarius and it is the Moon.

Don't say: this is beyond mt . . . Just think slowly over the process how I developed for you the idea and you will understand that the Moon mutt be active at this point on. account of its mundane position and nowhere else. Later on the two missing horoscopes, the Radix-Mirrored and the Mundane Mirrored will temporarily create the same puzzle and only careful explanation as to the why shall clarify the doubts.

We now shall locate all the other planets the same way and use Fig. 17 and Fig. 20 for it and obtain Fig. 20A. In the first one we find the Radix Cusps, in the second the third-divisions of each house. (See pages 34, 55).

In order that no planet is missed, make a habit to begin to the left of the M.C. and work downward via the 11th and 12th houses.

The first planet in the 10th house is 0 at radix position. 26"42'X- On account of being by radix position in the 3rd Decan, it must also come by mundane position into the Third Decan. Pisces being the 12th natural sign, we must therefore get O into the 12th House.

The following is established;

O has. to go into the 12th. house, into the Third Decan there and nowhere else. The exact place is found like this:

-whereby 10*0' is a Natural Decan, 11*25' an Artificia!. Decan of the 12th House end 6"42' is the distance of the Sun on account of its radix position from its nearest Natural Decan (20*0").

-Turning degrees into minutes we get:

600' 402' 402X685

This value is to be added to the Third Artificial Decan Cusp of the 12th House and we get: 3" 5'S;

10'44's Enter Q into the Mundane Chart Fig. 20A.

Note, that with this value we apparently cross a decan. But this is within the artificial Third Decan which extends from 3'5'yj to 14*31' Y3 and is therefore of no consequence whatever. In fact, it means nothing.

Figuring b we now shorten the process, too, since we know how to go about:

11*44'y means 1*44' from 1st Decan of 2nd Mundane House the size of which is 7*20'


35760 -s- 600 = 92.9' or 1*33' from 2nd Cusp of ll*35'£t 11'35'SL -f i 'ii'

ft Mundane: 1 y 3'St

Figuring Jupiter Mundane (OJM) :

"When you check the division of 1139+6, you will note that it actually gives 188.9', whida you have to call 189^ and not 188'.

We add this amount to the 2nd Cusp of the 2nd House, because tf is the 2nd Muadane House and 14*19' lies between the 2nd and 3rd Cusp of that House. The Cusp of the Second Mundane House is ll'iS'it

Mundane position for 21 'which is entered at its proper place of the Mundane Horoscope.

18'55'it cusp of 3rd Decan of 2nd House + 2*15'

21*10'it place of Jjf mandate.

Figuring ascendant which a!so has to be converted the same way.

Asc. in V5 falis in the 4th Mundane House; between, the 2nd and 3rd cusp.

II'JS'a place of Mundane Ascendant,

Figuring which has to come into the 5rh House: 10* 2*12' 132X800

4'11'Trt ls pJite of Mundane

Figuring Neptune Mundirve: ( tj;M).

Radix is at 26"19'rt]£; or «3*15»' away from its third Decan Cusp; 7TB 'n Mundane Position belongs into the 6th House (because we start the Mundane calculations always from 0* =r as the First House) .

The Mundane 6th House, the nK house extends from lO'15'^i to l4"3>l'VS-The space covered by that house is from a mundane view 30 "0', but for the present Ascendant Horoscope ks size is 54" 16'. Of this we have figured the third pact (11 "25') and this value we proportion into the Natural Decan together with the planet's place.

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