Patterns In Price Charts

Some clever traders discovered that, when they plot these daily fluctuations on chart paper (graph paper) using the lines across (coordinates) to represent days and the lines upward (abcissie) to represenc the prices, they obtain pictures ■which have definite forms and shapes. Some of these pictures appear to be regular towers, others again hav« the shape of a man with hands, arms, head, breast, abdomen, tear end and legs. The wheat picturs of 1904-1905, for example, during the Russo-Japanese War represents a man as described above. All we need for it is a. little imagination to see this. The average person, during his life, has very little to go by, to be able co recognize variations in the movements of prices, nor can he see them on his own person, since he is engulfed in the attempt to make a lot of money.

Few people are in the world who have an ability to invent something. This is why they cry to imitate others. They can make things work if they see them done once by someone else. But of themselves very few have the gift of seeing possible improvements on machines or on tools, until they have been invented. Then they say: that's wonderful, I could have thought of that myself.

It is the eternal story of Jack of vision on the part of the general public. There is nothing wrong about that. It is human. I myself am in the habit to admire that new invention and say to myself just what I stated above. I could not invent anything myself, I am sure of it. I myself am trying to fathom merely things that have been known already and use them to advantage. One of the things which interests me most is the science of astrology. This particular science is the most difficult one anybody could attempt to- touch, because it covets the actions and reactions of the people, of nations and of the whole world. All sciences are imbedded in this one. The work is entirely abstract, which is the reason why it is so difficult to even get a foothold on true astrology. The average astrologer makes no research of his own ro verify truths.

It is not up to me to bring examples of astrological rules sudh as are produced in text books and to demonstrate thar they fust don't work or if they do work once, the next time they just would not work. If an. aspect does not work, the average astrologer says: well, this rime it missed and goes right on like Terah (terra earth) to use the same thing, expecting the aspedt "not to miss" * the next time it comes around. There is something radically wrong with such astrology, nobody can doubc. But, the man who studies astrology, has nothing else to lean to but the texts that are available for him, so he cannot discover the discrepancies, until many years of work on his part have passed, wherein he gradually sees, that all is not well. But, what can it be? Where can it be rectified and how? Among the myriads of astrologers, amateurs and professionals, there are buc few who trade in markets and who cm this account do have the means to hit upon truths, which otherwise never would appear. They are the "Only Ones"!!


When anyone puts ordinary astrological rules into practical operation fot Markets, i.e. puts his good money or planetary aspects, he will soon find out that nevermind how big his Brokerage Account is, or how much of extra funds he has in his bank, it will not be sufficient to keep his fuTids from dwindling. 1 have gone through the mill and I know what it cost me to use ordinary astrological rules, such as: buy on a ©AQli sell on a square formed between some evil planets. These rules "sound" mighty fine, but they taste very bitter and cost a toe of money. The difficulty that arises and it did arise especially within me during those years back, when I was like the rest, believing that the books which are printed, especially the books on astrological subjects, had been thoroughly tested, buc, sorry to say, hardly anybody knows how to go about to make such tests. Markets are the only place where they can be made. Persons won't do, because on days of a OA^l m 'he sky, fot example, people die or get born; chey get sick, they get married. So where is the differentiation? If a OA 01 induced someone to die and another to marry or to be born, it can't be of any value. They assume that such a person must be good, because born at Q AQ|. but, if a person dies under such a good aspect, do you hear them say: this person has to get into "heaven", because just then a "good aspect" prevails? This would be outright folly, since ic would be merely crying to find an explanation of some kind, when che right explanation is not to be had.

As said above, ia my early years of astrological studies 1 believed everything thac was printed which pertained to astroJogy, until I found many things to the contrary. It has come so far that I do not believe anything anymore until I can prove to myself that "such" a thing is "so". (Goethe?). This idea I have proven and shown in the several works published about Markets, and other matters. 1 am always open to listen to test rules. However, hard as it may sound, I am convinced thac che learned people who give their opinions upon astrology: "Astrology is the bunk", would be absolutely true and right, if only they would say: "The astrology which is printed in the average text book is the bunk". Because, if they apply it to astrology in general, or to astrology that has proof, reason and cause behind it, chey would include chercin such books as the Bible, all the Latin and Greek writers of which they are so proud and all the cest of the books that contain nothing but true astrology, even though their language is covered to protect them from ill-use.

Although, in my library there are come 50 or SO different texts on ordinary astrology which have been studied word for word, a good many years ago and which had a rest since the lasc 10 years or so, I have not given them a glance any more. They are no good ro me irrespective of what is printed in them. However, the Bible, Paracelsus" complece works, the entire 50 volumes of Sweden-borg, Dante's Inferno. Plutarch's Lives, Cicero's Orations and those of Demosthenes, the Talmud, the Jewish Legends and many others have been scrutinized word for word and will be my companions for life, assisting me to define astrological laws. One can't keep everything in his head!

Here, in a few pages 1 gave our the key to crue astrology! Yes, it is- hard to compare true astrology with "asttology as you knew it", but I have given you now the direction in which to walk.

The purpose of the last pate of this book is not to explain all these telxts as to their meaning, so far as I have been able to discover them myself or to bring rules on which I am -working for over 20 years. It brings forth ideas and rules which can be tied together to form a basis upon which to build your new temple.

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