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The idea originated from a German text I used to study frequently which dealt at length -with so-called "sensitive points" in the horoscope, such as the "Point for Love" whereby all you. had to do was co cake the place of the radix Sun and measure its distance towards Venus; the amount you obtained, you added to the Ascendant. This way you obtained a point somewhere in the horoscope which they called the "Love-point". The "Point for Traveling" was found according to this method the following way: you take the place of the radix Moon and figure its distance to Mercury; the difference found you added to the Ascendant. This way you obtained the point lot trips. In this manner that book produced 13 individual point for day births and to make nutters more complicated they quoced and promptly explained an extra 13 points for night bkchs. I labored real hard for many months with all these points trying to get them to work in my market forecasts. They refused and were put on the "don't -use lists". But, the whole thing had something good to it. It gave me the idea that a horoscope not erected foe the moment of birth or to be more specific, a horoscope erected that ignores the actual rising point called the ascendant but which uses the actual point of Aries as the point of beginning, should give certain results. Sometimes people make this kind of horoscopes when the day of birth is only known, but no hour or minute of the day. But, they make a serious error which voids its usefulness, in that they do not work chat horoscope into the regular radix horoscope. What I mean by that -will be shown when we develop the mundane horoscope . Anyhow, a mundane horoscope is erected with the idea in mind that the zero point of Aries is rising instead of the actual ascendant, but with serious reservations as explained gradually.

The last horoscope, the fifth, which we need, is constructed by simply using this mundane horoscope and reflecting each planet contained therein by mirroring it.

Thus we have discussed in a rough and ready manner the five different horoscopes. 1 well know now that the explanations given are not sufficient to make you realrze the monstrosity of the find and the usefulness coming out of this work, bur for the moment 1 can do no better. The actual construction and discussion of the procedure â– will go a long way towards clearing u.p the difficulties and to show you. how the laws operate. Afterwards, when you once know the ways of operation, read back this specific chapter and you will understand what I have explained in rather abstract terms.

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