On Medieval German

Medieval German never existed either. There was only a low German language (Holland Dutch) and a high German (normal German as it is written). High German we may call on our scale G sharp, the other G flat, half tone lower. The ones who fooled us for centuries tried to invent a language to hide their secrets in it. They began to shove around letters. This is what produced that language scientists call now "medieval German". After that was produced, copies of books which always were only a few pages, sometimes only a few lines, they "let them be discovered" in one monastery or another, to be handed over to the scientists who fell for them, hook, line and sinker. But that language did not suit them, being merely an attempt to create a new language. As I showed you how I went about with the Five-fold Horoscope, so, probably they did and improved all around chat medi-evil German, and gradually they made thar language which is ancient Gceek. That invention suited all purposes. Its motion was forward. The Hebrew, which, of course, is another invented language has its motion backwards, retrograde, starting with the mouth that takes the food, works it through the stomach and the entrails for later disposition. I fully understand how the approach can be made from two sides, but this procedure you'll have to find yourself.

The reason why I made this additional statement above is simply this: I was trying to find the best illustrations or words in Greek to lead you to understand my explanations. But, as 1 tried to detect the meaning of the Greek word via medieval German, back into high German, 1 always found thar it wis well nigh impossible to go that way. The direct way from Greek back into high or low German (the latter is ofttn prefetiable) , gave the explanation.

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