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Of course, (here is another language, that of Hebrew, which works in a similar way, in spite of its words being written backwards. Aside of what I have written in the June Previews of 1939, I have not investigated this language further, to give examples. I do not even know which basic language has been used to produce that one, but I am certain chat it is also an artificial language, the same as Greek. St-e what i said about it in my "Previews of 1959", Vol: I.

The Hebrew language his not had the general spread and popularity as Greek enjoys. The points of time, when new languages can be created also vary in their effectiveness. Each year has one or two periods during which, if something is started, it will have immediate and phenomenal success. Note as an example, "Gone with the Wind". But, knowing that one year is not as fertile as another, the yeats, which have tremendous fertility may be far apart, and one who knows all the laws upon which these things are based may find himself living in an era when good periods are just not available, therefore, it is impossible for him to even think of starting something like that.

At another place 3 thought the question "why did these ancient whizards do such things"? Here I shall try to explain the reason in a little different way; They knew the laws of life. They ate simple and, once known, you can live right and enjoy life. Evidently making money, digging caves to put it into, was noc of great importance to them, because the Scorpion has a stinger at its end and that stinger they avoided. Can you follow me? In Matth. 4, 18, we find Simon Peter (Sei meinc Fcder) "be my leader", and Andrew, his brother, (Andrew being "andere", the other) were casting nets. So that this "other" was the stinger of the Scorpion. You can match the test yourself.

While my work is not philological to explain the connections of the various languages to each other, I have in recent days refreshed on the subject* I read carefully through the entire medieval literature at my disposal, such as the "Wes-sobrunner Gebet", Muspilli", of the Bible and I come to the following conclusion which somewhat changes the idea as explained above:

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