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A few words must be. said about astronomers and their text books. I have in my library s. goodly number of astronomical tejets. Practically each one carries, a chapter about astrology. Each of these books carries a sped at chapter in which it condemns astrology, being "an absurd idea of a sick brain." Poor astronomer! I always say to myself: When these wizards of astronomy have completed their studies how the planecs, fixed stars and. comets tun around in the Universe, what have they to do afterwards in the way of study? They cm figure out their planetary positions for 100 or mote years ahead 'which would save time educating new astronomers. I don't think they can ga_ze all day and all night ac the stars, just to have something to do, while Astrologers have an advantage over therir in that they put their figures to practical use. Whatever is dead to them, abstract, we eniiven and apply. Of course, we could do no work unless we had astronomers, so we ace dependent upon their calculations.

But, if worse comes to worse, we just, would have to figure these movements ourselves since it h nothing but a mechanical mathematical formula, that has to be continued steadily, in order to fix the planets' places for a certain moment, each day of the yeat. These statements do not imply chat I have not great regards for any astronomer, his work and product. For astronomers to throw mud in their books on astrologers is an unfair practice. It shows how little they know about human beings. They also move around rise world without recognizing great la"ws.

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