Necessary Tools

To be able to cast a horoscope if is accessary that you procure for yourself a set of Ephemerides which contain the Planets' Places for each day of the year. They ace available for 50 or even 100 years backwards. Each year, in September, a new issue appears for the next year.

On the last page the Raphael's Ephemerides contain the so-called "Tables of Houses" for London and New York. Buc these are not useful for places which are more than four or five degrees of these latitudes. It is therefore essential that you procure Raphel's "Tables of Houses for Northern Latitudes", from, the Equator, G* to 50* North.

D. G. Nelson Co., 619 North Stale Street. Chicago. III., specialiie in astrological Ephemerides, Tables of Homes, is well as astrological books of the better grade. The;-can supply a complete outfit at low cost.

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