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Whea one sits quietly at home in the evening, reads a book or nukes plans for the next day, the ring of the door bell often times is a sign; an important aspect has arrived. Some desirable or undesicable visitor (the aspect itself) is -u the door, Mark that time down immediately fot future reference. You might need just that moment, because that door bell brings about a. "change of scenery"! These are moments upon which to cast horoscopes later on, if one is needed, to find out the effects of the visit. This is why an astrologer muse be sure to have a correct time piece, besides a small note book, wherein he enters such moments immediately. It does not mean that we have to cast horoscopes each time someone arrives, but, one never knows, what an event brings forth. Things often develop from small insignificant meetings and if the particular moment of the firsc meeting has not been recorded properly as to time and day, no further moment will ever bring forth the correct horoscope.

It is always the first cause that is the beginning! For example, you intend to take a trip to California during the summer. It is not the time you leave your home and start the trip, that counts so much, as it is the time when the matter was first discussed. It might have happened the following way that caused you to make a crip: During a Spring storm some motorist came to your house at night asking for gasoline. You helped him. At that time he told you his "hard-luck" story how he left Boston on his way to Los Angeles, how he now ran ouc of gas. You may even have offered him a cup of coffee and during the talk that ensued, he always spoke, that he was heading West. Later on, some friends might talk "California" and you tell about that fellow who recently was at your house. From this talk you start to get "feelings" for California. These feelings gradually get stronger until you hike down to % garage and get some maps showing the West, just to "look" the roads over. Later, you decide upon your trip to California and finally, even make the trip. The moment to start a horoscope for such a trip is not the day you start the trip, but the moment when that fellow came to your dooc to ask for gasoline.

All other cases of a similar nature must be reduced to their point of actual beginning, the origin.

Let me show you -why such procedure is correct. Supposing, in time of peace we make a trip to Europe. It would be all wrong to make a horoscope for the moment the boat leaves for Europe, because thousands of other passengers would have to do likewise. You know very well, that each passenger or, at least, each family of that boat goes to a different place in Eutope. They cannot all start at one point. They start their trip at the moment they began planning the trip! The trip proper is but a. coincident. Be sure to have the right points of beginning, when making horoscopes, else your results are just no good. You can't mark enough exact dates of times down., together with the exact history about how things happened. Hundreds of such dares (exact hour and minute of day Included) may never be used, but then, there will be one date marked that is like a God— send for future use. Amateurs don't realize this, but experienced astrologers know their value.

THE DOOR-BELL To illustrate further: A door bell rings; somebody comes. It is a friend. He drops in by chance. Nothing unusual happens for the next two or three horns, when suddenly, he makes some remark about this or that, which may make you suddenly realize that the remark is important and something important might come fotth from it. In such a case it is not to be taken, that the moment the bell rang to be the point of the beginning. It is the rime, when chat friend actually talked about the incident. In the event you have no opportunity to jot ¿own the exact time, you will, in time, gain enough experience, to weigh off, how much time had elapsed between the time of his arrival to the time of the statement to fix the actual time. Even though you might be as much as half an hour "out of time," it matters little, because this can be later on adjusted (I will show later how to correct birth dates). At any rate, on such times horoscopes must be erected.

Like everyone else, I also had to start from scratch. I do not think it is unwise or selfish to show how i proceeded myself with mjl studies, where I fell into difficulties that cost me weeks and months to extricate myself and get back to level ground. In fact, I wished I was 20 years younger and knew then what I know now about this subject. We can learn from the experience of others mote than from out own experience. The other fellow paid for the experience, which cost nothing.

STARTING FROM SCRATCH Mr purpose of studying astrology was for a practical reason only, which idea has beta constantly in my mind. It centered always upon finding ways and means to forecast future prices for stocks and commodities. My studies up to a certain time bad been solely confined upon economics, upon earnings and outlook, upon consumption of goods. Gradually, I discovered that very few tangibles went with it to point to conditions in the future. The deeper I delved into so-called basic conditions, the worse I found myself tn a mess. The great bear market of 19-20-1921 showed that, in spite of us winning the war, we were losing in values so fast and swift, that nothing could stem the tide's, in spite of encouraging earnings.

Nobody knew why prices collapsed. At that time I did not believe that planets influence us, in fact I never even thought in thar direction, since my education had been completely ignoring such possibilities.

Such ideas even then -would not have penetrated my thoughts if it would not have been for a young man, H. R., who studied astrology and who occasionally talked about the stars. One day he made a forecast for me (against my wish) wherein he supplied me wich a date 5 months later that such and such a thing would happen to me. -It did, and it did happen exactly on the day which he had made me mark down. This date brought a great change to my life, not only that, but it changed everything, since from that time on I said to myself: If a man can find a date for someone when an important turning point is due to arrive, it is nothing short of a miracle. Furthermore I said to myself: If he can: do such a thing, I surely can do so too.

Immediately I acquired some 15 or 20 books on the subject, "astrology," took lessons from this man how to cast a horoscope, and how to interpret it, after it was once cast .The greatest difficulty I found in measuring angles between one planet and another. I could not get into my head how die planets ran around the Zodiac. The effect of the aspects brought no difficulties, since the important aspects have but one meaning, good or bad. In my explanations as they follow gradually, I shall put special stress on all those matters chat had given me difficulties, since it is obvious, you should encounter difficulties at those places also.

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