Locating The Exact Moments The Planets Became Active

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The position of the sun in the horoscope is 2ó'30' g. The Ephenveris shows this position occurred on May 16th, 1792, on which day the sun was at Noon, London, at 26.12'30"a. The sun moved on this day 57'54".

log. 17'30" 1,9155 (20'30' to 26'12'30") log. 57'54" — 1,3960 (day's movement)

Therefore the Sun was at 26*30'8 at 7:15 P.M., May 16th, 1792, in London = 2.19 P.M., New York.


Take the motion of 2 for the day into whose range the horoscopical position falls (7'42'tf). It is found between May lSth and May 29th, 1792. ■J motion on this day is 1*13'.

The difference between the Noon position of May 19th, 1792, and the actual position in the horoscope, is therefore 4 min.

Take log. of 1*13' from back of Ephemeris: 2,5563

This log. equals lhl9m 1,2613

This time has to be deducted in this case from Noon position London, of May 19th, 1792, which gives you 10:41 A.M., London, on May 19th, 1792, at which time 2 was at 7*42' tf .


5 position in horoscope: 18*45'nj>.

Noon s position May 17th, 1792 18*43'n)J.

5 is therefore 2 minutes farther than the Noon position of May 17th, 1792, London.

Tberefore: log. 2' 2,8573

0,8451 which equals 3h26m.

This means 3 was at the spot indicated in the horoscope on May 17th, 1792, at 3:26 P.M., London, which brings it to 10:30 A.M., in New York on that day, but this phase does not interest us for our purpose.

The same way all the other planets including the Moon arc figured. The result is shown in Table 28.

New York time does not interest us, because all the figuring is done from London.

All the progressions have to be made from these times as per general rules, 1 day for one year of life. For 1934 we have therefore the date of October 6th representing the May 17th planets; for the sun we must use May 16th, equaling October 5th ; for Venus and Saturn we must use May 19th, equaling October 8th. This is the most important fact discovered.

In as much as it is -easier to figure for our purpose in the progressed horoscope when we start the year with January 1st, we have to change the progressed values back to January 1st — 137 days, and 13S days if it should be a leap year.

0, 2 and f? are also figured back the SAME number of days, even though rhey began a day sooner, respectively a day later.

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