List of Tables and Illustrations

Page 10 Fig. 1 Mia and [he Universe Fig. 3. Astronomical Explanations Fig. 3. Fig. 4.

Fig. 5. Ecliptic

Fig. 6. Longitude, Latitude, Declination

Page U

Table U. Astronomical Tables

Page 14

Table IV. To convert Tims into decimal parts of a Day Table V. To convert Minutes Seconds o-f a Degree into decimal division of the

Table IV. To convert any given Dty into the decimal pate of «. year of 365 days.

Page 15

Table VII. Proportional Logarithms.

Page 16.

Table VIII. To change Decrees and Minutes of Arc of Circle into Minutes of Time* Table VIIIA. To change Time, Hours and Minutes into Degrees and Minutes

Page 27.

Table I tc Table IX. Longitudes and Latitudes of Places on Earth.

Plge JO-

Fig. IDA. Table of Houses for New-York.

Fie. lOB. Part of Raphael's Ephemeris for 1941.

Page 31.

TabEe XI. Permanent Table for Mid-Heaven.

Page 45.

Fig. 7. The Universe and the Quadrants Fig. 8, Houses and Cusps. Fig. 9■ Mid-heaven and Ascendant. Fig. 10. The Ascendant.

Fig. 11. The Third-Division

Fig. 12. The Aries Horasco-pe Frame.

Fig. 13. The Ascendant Horoscope F fj me.

Page 50-

Tbi Pluto Epbemerid«, 1874-1941.

Page 5A.

Fig. 14. Simple Aries Horoscope for March 17, 1941.

Fig. 15. Radix Hoioscope for March 17, 1941.

Fig. 16. The Speculum foe Wool Tops.

Fig. 17. Third Divisions fot March 17. 1941.

Fig. 18. The Decans.

Page 55.

Fig. 1?. The Natural Dccans.

Fig. 19A. The Simplified Aries Horoscope.

Fig. 20. The Artificial Decía size a! each House of Horoscope for March 17, 1941.

Fig. 20A. Our Aries Horoscope, called the Mundane Horoscope.

Page 37.

Fig. 21. The Reflex Idea.

Fig. 22. Reflews in the Horoscope.

Page 60.

Fig. Z3. The complete Grease Wool Horoscope for March 17, 1941, progressed to t943.

Page 94. Degree Tabulation of Planets in Horoscope.

Page 95- Final Rotation of Planets* positions for March 17, l?4l.

Page 97. The Calendar foe Wool Tops, March 17th to Aug. 15 th, 1941.

Page 100. Chart of Wool Tops Per-formante from March 17th to Dec. Mat. 1941.

Page 101. Table of Latitudes and Miles.

Page 104. EphemerideS of January and December 1587. Also of January 15S8.

Page IOS. Ephemerides of May and October 1792.

Page 107. The Five-Fold Stock Horoscope of 1792.

Page 150. German Leners.

Page 151. The Greek Alphabet.

Page 152. The Greek Letter Shifting,

Page 153. Matlhews, 22 io Hollarid-D ufch and Medieval German.

Page 1:4. The Wheat Horoscope oí 1567.

Part I

Fr\>e-fold Horoscope

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