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Part I, i revised edition of the Five-fold Horoscope published in 1937, had been completed in May, 1941, and put away temporarily.

Recently, I felc ta release it anyhow, together with an additional revision, so that it really becomes a solid piece of work, which is expected to benefit many a. reader who is anxious to learn some real worth while astrology.

However, two and one half years, one full S motion around the Zodiac, have passed, when Part T wis completed and entirely different fields had since been ploughed over, all of which represent astrology, but one, so far advanced, that to the average man it docs not any snore appear so. In fact, when you find in this part details that attempt to show and prove that the old Greek language is an invented language, based on medieval German, you may say: Why, Greek was spoken 3,000 years before Chrisc! How can anyone ever get the idea that ic comes from the German language?

Answer: Only astrological studies revealed such relationships! But I do not mean book astrology by that!

In. this volume I have dropped practically all allusions to astrology as you ioon will notice, because it becomes philosophy. Few of the so-called learned classes are serologically minded. They like their bread buttered and honey smeared over it. In this part I am nor giving instructions, as was the case in Part I, but lines of useful thoughts, that touch fields that wece not ploughed for many years. Many a reader may say: this pare is over my head. I do not agree with him, because you have it in youj to master advanced ascrology as well as â– well as I did, provided you start to devote additional time to this work and not be satisfied with a monthly astrology magazine to read the supposed effect of daily aspects. There are text books to learn a little Greek; there are others to learn, a little about medieval German. Try to obtain some books to work yourself deeper into the subject of which I scratched here merely the surface. There are Hebrew grammar available to get at many secrets. There are plenty of ancient texts foe you to study.

However, during all such studies, ding to the Five-Fold Horoscope as your guide, to lead you to make your living. Higher astrology is built gradually and the benefit that comes forth is real "gravy". You will discover ways and means to stay healthy, if sick, by using certain diets, depending upon the disease, for so many days, another so many days thereafter, etc. You will probably find whtn cold water will cure and when hoc water will do the trick. Paracelsus, with the aid of his astrological Jaws, performed many "unbelievable" cures, in fact, it is said they took him to be a sorcerer. He only was a rather clever astrologer who pulled away from usual astrology.

Lee's see what you can work out, after you have completed the study of Part III!

Carmel-by the Sea, Calif.

December 30, 1943-

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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