Insertion Of The Planets Into Radix Horoscope

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We have now arrived at the point where we can erect the frame of a horoscope for an/ time of a day, for any placd in the world. We can say to have graduated from first grade of grammar school in astrological knowledge.

After one grade has been made, the student can build easier, he understands things better and the progress from here will also be swifter and mote interesting. However, malce sure, that you know how to go about these steps without constantly locking back pages for guidance. When experienced, it should not rake longer than 4 or 5 minutes ro make the frame.

With the next step we insert the planets into their places, together with their proper degrees. As stated some time ago, we know the planets are constantly moving in space, forward but also sometimes backwards or Retrograde (I^)-We have to fasten them into our horoscope at the moment of a birth and remember, even though they arc going to be tied down to the moment fixed at birth, they keep on moving right along, forming aspects to one another.

At some other place I have given the names of the planets. It just remains to be stated that the daily motions of the various planets is as follows:

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