SUBSTITUTION OF LETTERS IN GREEK WORDS FOR OUR PURPOSE The letters which muse be substituted for our purpose Instead of the actual Greek letters foe words given in the Greek dictionary are now given.

The German pronunciation is always meant, so that German a—the English a in calf; German o — English o in coat; German e = the sound of the x when the letter k is pronounced; German i = English ee as in fee, key; German u — English oo as in snoot.

SINGLE LETTERS alpha (a), used a» sorv; (d) used as e&

at the end used as the weak plural in German. Mia, used as Dochsen, t.e. die Ochsen (the Oxen). beta (fJ). used is f gamma (y), used as £

delta (5) is either omitted or used as sometimes as / (&tjijt|tth>) , Demti« when it it to be emitted, Jt ^bowi Lhat too separate words were joked. & inside of a word often denotes the article, else, "of the":

el! hier ijt der Ochs (ay! look, here is the" ax}. epsilon (c) (ilAciu), used as article at the beginning of a word;

when ee, then used as o. zeta. (t), used as s, also as c/i or x. eta (n), used as o (j) ; with used a* -er (ending), iheta (-9), used as lit.

¡ota. CO. used as h ; with t, used as «i; after 8 it is a filler*

kappa (xVused as t, also asg; also used as a filler, (jolnoi).

nu <v), used as m ■ also as a filler (xpovo<;).

omicron (o), used uiori;o, used as 5; 6, adds strength to the idea put forth: without accent, the idea put forth is in equilibrium, pi (rt). used as d, also as a filler (jcXtnoivto), also used « f. rho (p), used as n, also as 6. sigma {o c), used as j or c, also as it/1;

the end sounds like cks (jt) ; also used as I. tau (-c), used as d after y, otherwise as upsilon (u), used as i7; in the word it means "&," in which case the word consists already of two separate words; with accent (v) as s. phi (<p), used as /; idea contained is that of "up." chi (i), used ajg Or & ; idea contained is that of "downwards";

also used as connecting link between two words (Zeuxis). p&i (tp), idea contained is that of equilibrium, omega (oj), used as e; also u ending -en;

idea contained is that of "all, round about."

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