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We figure again all Planets

for 4h 56' P.M.


. or

1/5 day from N

of March 18th.

of March 18th.

In case it would have been 4h 56' A. M. London, we would interpret the amount of minutes which are to be passed yet by each planet until it is Noon in London, for which we have the planets' positions in the Ephemeris or 1/3 (perhaps t/4) day towards the next Noon.


Since 192 5, some Ephemeridcs are figured for Midnight, instead of Noon! Be sure to look first at front page for which time your Ephemeris is made, else alt your wotk is for the waste basket.

In the latter case, for 4h 56' P.M. London, we would interpolate 1/3 day towards Midnight)

Q Movement in 24 hours or 5/5 day was 1*' or 60'; 1/5 of that is 12'; add these 12' to the Noon position of March 18th, gives the 4h 56' P.M. position of the planet for March ISth, or 1 year after birth. This is then the Progressed Position of 0 for the native for the year 1942. Since O moves from one birth day to the next birth day a full degree, or 60' at that time (ic may move between 57' and 61' depending upon the time of che year), we afterwards have to make a division of this space by 363 days, resp. 366 days in otdet to obtain its movement by progression from one day to the next. Thus;

60' or 3600" divided by 3(55 (1942 is not 1 leap year and we have to use 365 days instead of 366 gives 9.9", the daily Progression of © during 1942 from Match 17th, 1942 to March 16th, 1943.

^ Movement in 24 hours from March 18ch to March 19th, 1942 is 14*5'. The Motion in 4h 56' we figure with logarithms.

This is the H) position on March 18th, 1942, at the beginning of the Native's second year of life.

ii Movement 38'; 1/5 of it is 8'; March 18, 1942, 0 was therefore ac 1*10'*.

Q1 Movement in. 24, hours 12'- in 4h 56'2'; 01 14*30'. y.

i; Movement 6'; increment is 1' (1/5 of 6'); 11 "50" 8. , ijt Movement 2' which is too small to warrant any change /or 1/5 of a day; we leave the value as Is: 23'6' H .

U?, 2'; no adjustment made; place remains 26*18' tijj JJ. <§< Value used as given in Ephemeris: 2*10' £L 1$. is given in Ep-jiemeris every 10 days here, Match 12, 1941 and March 22, 1941 as 2*16' IJ and 2*8' SI JJ respectively. In 10 days this planet moves therefore backwards 8' and in 8 days 0.8 times 8 or 6.4'. 2*16' St l«s 6' is 2*10' it

Movement 3' per day IJ. 1/5 is 1'; therefore progressed place Q, for March 18, 1942 is 2*6'

These planets we enter into the proper places of the outside ring of the five-fold Horoscope carefully, writing the left half outwards and the right half of the Horoscope inwards (sec how they are entered; page 60).



I have told you already that ^ 's the culprit with our method of interpreting horoscopes. We use the progressed 5 exclusive of everything else. This progressed 3) 'n IP^1 moves from 22*5' 771. !0 6"29' or 14*24' bcrween March 17, lS»4l, and March 16, 1942.

For the second year of birth, i.e. from March 17, 1942 to March 1(5, 1943 its. speed by progression is 14*5' and NOT 14*24' as it was the year before. (We use 3 of March 18-19, I?4l).

Therefore when we figure out the daily motion of this progressed , we divide this "yearly" motion (it is actually a one day motion though!) by 365 or by 366 in case of a leap year.

Daily motion of progressed g during 1941 (March 17, 1941 to March 16, 1942)

14'24' -i- 365 =- 864' -s- 365— 2' 367 (decimals)

Next we construct a complete calendar beginning with March 17, 1941 when ^ was 25'2' TT1_ and add each day the increment of 2.367m. The calendar looks as follows:

Progressed 2> for 1941

The progressed ® starting with March 17, 1942 Is as follows:


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