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Increment per day is 2m. 301 {14*5' ->- 365) or 844' ■+■ 365

right. An adding machine, of course, if available, wo-uld do the work fast! Instead of carrying out 3 decimals, we may use but two decimals 2.30m, we might even use 2m, 3 and omit the last 2 decimals, since the last decimals over a period of 3Ó5 days amount to but 3/10 of a minute. Experience will teach you whether to take more oc less decimals. As long as we a reive after advancing 3<j5 times the increment at the progressed 3> positions of the next year the work was done right. The year foe this horoscope starts always on March 17th for any year. As I will show later on, our errors must never be more than 2m. for anyone complete year, since ic would change our Moon's progressed position by one full day. Its daily movement is actually between 1.933 minutes and 2.462 minutes per day, depending on its speed.

Whenever the Native's progressed J> in the course of time forms aspects of d, 15*, V, ¿ , 75*, Q, 105", q, k, 1Ó5* & &, we have to expect a change of trend for the native and the effect is to be according to the effect each of che angles has, good or bad, i.e. up or down.

The aspects formed by J> are to be considered cowards the Radix Planets, towards its own Progressed Planets, is welt as to the planets which are located in the other three horoscopes abour which I have not had the opportunity so far to speak.

We do not consider any ochet progressed planet or attempt to figure possible aspects of these towards any others in the five horoscopes. I have made so many teses and found chat we get off on a tangent when we use such planets.

Therefore use only the progressed J) to figure aspects, but consider the progressed planets for eventual aspects formed towards them by the progressed Moon.

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