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We are forced to judge individual stocks individually with the aid of their "Birth Charts", some dates have been given on page 25. This brings about complications, as you easily can see. The gist for good results is: Follow stocks chat more in harmony or in near harmony with the "Averages". A stock can get gradually into harmony with the general market, and after a few years gets again out of harmony. The cause you can now comprehend. The Moon, progressed for each stode gradually changes its speeds' and, periodically, can have the same or nearly die same speed. Then this stock's movement will agree closely with that of the Market as a whole, while at other times it will be limping, or even work contrary to the whole. Therefore, when stocks become leaders in t}ie Market the Progressed Moon of their.own Horoscope moves at about the same speed (same increase or decrease), as the Progressed Moon of the Market Horoscope of 1792.

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