Individual Greek Words And Their True Meaning

Furthermore, even though the meaning of the word can be solved quite mechan tialiy, on hand of the Table given above, whereby we find, for example, that the ancient German wizards decided to create a new word in the new language, which they themselves called D'Ochsen, i.e. die Ochsen (the oxen), and therefore, shoving their letters around, arrived it their "Greek" word "doxa" and put, according to "Goethe", its meaning as "glory or fame". Can you see what they were after? The word D'Ochsen should mean in English: the Oxer Thus, in the double meaning underlying each word, they meant in simple terms:

Traders, who look for eternal glory and fame, for constantly increasing profits, for permanent bull markets with never any temporary reversals, are meant by this word. Their major quality consists of pushing things constantly uphill wichout any letoff; they try to lead a life without sleep which is not natural. When hard knocks come their way, they suffer much more than those who are also ready to take their opposites temporarily, once in a while. Markets illustrate best the meaning of the wo/d doxa, the oxen, when we check the outcome of rampant bull markets, such as in 1929.

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