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In the meantime on account of all that reviewing, we have not started yet to cast our horoscope for March 17th, l?4l. the day a commodity was first traded in New York which horoscope nevertheless shall be worked out in due time. However, while we keep talking general rules, we now get off them for a while and say something about the improvements which I made to produce horoscopes that have real value, which can be tead and from which we can say: this and that should happen on such and such a day. I spoke already abo-ut the small number of aspects that can be produced when we use only the radix horoscope and nothing else. This bothered me so much because I knew the market changed quite often and no aspects were available to account for any of these changes. Where to take the aspects, if apparently chere are none? I set myself thinking and went straight away into optics in which field I felt 1 could find some sort of enlightenment. My first though was; if thete is a light somewhere, and an object, there must be a shadow. If we look into the water of a lake an image looks out of it, that looks "like'" us. Based on these premises I said: Is there a way to produce for the known planets in the bowl ot the sky some sort of an image or refleĀ»? I tried all sorts of possible and impossible combinations, until I recognized that there really exists in the sky a reflex or mirrored picture at some other place of the Zodiac. Thus, I found for each planet a reflex place which, as I later discovered acts just as if a planet actually was placed at this point. This gave me, of course, immediately twice as many planets as I had previously. As the Moon, passes through the Zodiac and casts angles of 0", 15', 30", etc., to each and any of these places, we experience changes in ourselves, good or bad, depending upon the ingle and of the same strength as brought forth by actual planets. The best testing ground proved to be the market, since with human beings we have not enough records, to make us See these things. The trinket, however, registers from day to day the actions through actual sales caking place. When people buy or sell stocks or -wheat, they are, of course, influenced by their own planets and at the satne time the horoscope foe wheat, foe example, which I use (I use a point of beginning which lies way back in 1587 and which I dug out myself as being the nearest that can be used to forecast wheat movements) shows cops and bottoms due co come according to Che way the Moon passes over the radix places of the horoscope and over the mirrored or reflexed places spoken of. There are two more horoscopes chat have to be worked up whith I shall discuss later aside of the regular progressed horoscope.

The Jitter, i.e. the progressed horoscope, is the one I have the least confidence in and, while the aspects occasionally work very nice and give good tops and good bottoms, at other times, it: seems as if this horoscope is jusc running empty, the aspects just have no force when they arrive. Therefore, from the outset, consider the progressed horoscope the least desirable..although, is far as its construction 15 concerned, it is the most difficult of them all and is actually a pare of the old style astrological system as is explained in texc books.

But, as I write this, another trouble comes to my mind which we can avoid. "When progressions are made, make them one day f-or one year as stated already at some other place. Do not make them in degrees, calliag the firsc year of life one degree, the second year of life two degrees and so forth as some text books suggest. Why there are so many methods of making horoscopes this way and the other way is quite understandable to me. The teison is, that none of them works right and to have some soft of hit, they try all sorts of ways and the next is not better than the previous one. They can't account for their failures and trying ro overcome them, cackle some other nonsense. There ate even some more methods, most of them foreign, methods, which also give little results; these I also have put co a test myself!

One of the five charts I call the mundane chart or the mundane horoscope for good reasons. The reason for its name is chat I found out that the aspects produced by the use of this special horoscope have as. underlying factor mostly events originating outside of the person or outside of the market in case it would be the questio-n of a market horoscope.

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