How To Adjust Ascendant And Midheaven

Usually our total value of Sidereal Time shows a little variation from the value shown ¡n the Table of Houses, which is nearest to our time.

Let us assume we have a final Sidereal Time for a place on the 45th degree

Latitude of 9h35m30s, Our Table shows, however, the nearest given values as 9m33m34s and the next as 5*h37n}29s. For the former value our Ascendant would be 10"2l'TrL, fot the latter it would be ll'5'ni. There is a difference of 44 minutes, which is too much of a difference to allow foe good work. We have to Interpolate or proportion the difference. We say: Our actual value is very close to one-half the difference in Sidereal Time ftrrtbes, since the entire difference in Sid. Time amounts to 3m55s and from 9h33m34s to 9h35m30s are lrrr5<Ss. All we do is to take the same proportion and work it into the longitudinal distance of the Ascendant, which happens to belong to the Síd. Time of 9|h33nn34s, compared to the Longitude belonging to the Sid. Time of 9h}7m29s. This difference-amounts to 44 minutes in Longitude. In this specific case we take y2 or 22 mia. and add these to the lower value (we might also deduct it from the higher value), obtaining for the adjusted and corrected Ascendant lO'Alttl-

Here is another example, worked somewhat shorter, since we have to understand fully how this adjustment is made::

Assuming the result of Sid. Time as fina] value is 1 Ohllrn4j (for 45* Lat.) nearest values: lOh Sm22s Asc. belonging to it 16'53'rn.

10hl2mlls Asc. belonging to it 17*36'n\

difference: 3m49s 43'

From 10hllm4s back to 10h8m22s are 2m42s.

We make the following simple proportion and say:

When 3m49s or 229 sec. bring a motion of 43 min,, how much motion bring 2m42s or I52s?

Make the proportion as follows 22SM-45 43X 1(52-^-229 =696^2 29=30 min.

Therefore we add to the lower value of Ascendant, i.e. to 16'53'tt\ the calculated increment of 30m, which makes our Ascendant to be 17'23'm..

This value is set on the Ascendant instead of the one given in the Table as 16'53'ra..

With the MC or Mid-Heaven (10th House) we have to use our Table XI for exact work. True, the Tables of Houses supply the cusps of the 10th House collect to the full degree, but when we work later on with aspects to the Mid-Heaven, we are not satisfied to have this value only co-rrect to a degree, because there can be as much as 30 days difference if we are only right within one degree. Therefore, never take the MC from the Table of Houses, but rake always values from Table XI, page 31.

Irs use is self-explanatory. We read our Sidereal Time cue of it as with the present example: 10hSm22s. We have therein the values for lOhJ/n and for 10b 10m. The MC belonging to these two values is given as 29'7'S\_ tesp. 0*26'15. The difference in the MC amounts to 79m for those 5 min. 0/ Sid. Time.

Here we make the same proportion as we did with the Ascendant above:

5m or 300 seconds show a difference of 79m. What is the difference, if it is a matter of a 3m22s movement ot of 202 seconds (from 10h5m to

10h8rrs22s)? We make the proportion:

300i-^-9m =2025-^x111; 79X202-^-300 =L5958^300=53m. This value is added to the M.C. of X0h5m. We then gee 2?"7'iL plus >3/ equals 0"0'n£.

This is the cusp of the 10th House or MC.

The remaining cusps are copied from the Table of Houses, unless we figure them individually with spherical trigonometry, which is a lot of work. We won't go into that. First, it is not necessary to be too exact with the other cusps of the Houses, because the results will not be any better- besides, we save several hours of work.

THE USE OF THE TABLES OF HOUSES (See Fig 10, page 30) In the first column of a Table of Houses we find marked: "Sid. Time", In the second, we find marked 10, in the next 11, in the following 12; then follows a column marked "Ascendant", next a column marked 2, and a last column marked 3- This is the division into houses, whereby the entire left side of the horoscope gets numbered, as illustrated in Fig. 10. The sign underneath each number mentioned above shows what sign and degree of the Zodiac is at Ac "cusp" of that house. On the cusp of rhe 10-th House is TIJJ between 7' and 8' (see Fig. IDA, lower right column, next to Sid. Time 10h34m54s). The cusp of the 11th house has 8'«=, the cusp of the 12th shows 3*n\ (not as is marked in the top row! but after the first 3 Sid. Times lines given this sign disappears and the new sign, of n\, is encered, and, when entered, it means 0" of that new sign, followed in the next vertical column by 1, which means 1"it\, 2'nv, 3*111, and so on.

The next horizontal Column, marked Ascendant shows as Sid. Time 24*4'ui-The nesn column .shows (2nd cusp) 25' ^ ; the 3rd cusp carries O'^r,

ADJUSTMENT OF CUSPS These values are the nearest supplied and are not quite exact for our horoscope as we readily can. see. First of all, our Sid. Time is not the one quoted 10h34m54s, but is 10h37m52s. We are actually 3 minutes our of. the way and those 3 minutes must be equally adjusted for each cusp to get closer values. For this purpose we look at the next column of Std, Time, which is given -as 10h38m40s. The difference from one given Sid. Time to the next given one is about 4 min., while out own place is about three-fourths of thac amount. Consequently, in order to do justice, we add to each cusp % part of the motion of each cusp in this case. 3f the difference between our own Sid. Time and the given one would be about 2 minutes, we would adjust one half of the movement from the firsr to the second time.

Adjusting % of the movement to obtain values as close as possible, we get: 10th house cusp 7'40'irg; lithe house cusp 8*40'=^; 12th house cusp 3'40'th.; Ascendant or first house cusp (% of 44J difference) 24'4'irl "+" 33' = 24'37'th.; 2nd ho-use cusp 25*40*/? ; 3rd house cusp 0*4D'^r.

These values are entered into the horoscope. Use Fig. S & 9 as base. Since the other cusps are exactly opposite, we have the same degrees and minutes but opposite signs.

We must know that the following signs are opposite ( ff ) to each other:

Aries T § ^ Libra Taurus Sim Scorpio Gemini XL S ^ Sagittarius Cancer ^ ff Vi Capricorn Leo iU 8 ~ Aquarius Virgo JTJ $ X Pisces

All these explanations may sound like Greek puzzles to you just yet. Confidentially, I had the hardest time with chem myself when 1 began. When you have made several examples yourself, step by step, without jumping around, they are made quite mechanically and naturally. Operate one thing after the other; no huddling or rushing!

The Ascendant (marked Asc.) is the point rising in the East foe the moment a horoscope is set. The M.C., which we have to use quite often, means the Mid-Heaven or the point above; Descendant means the opposite of the Ascendant. The Nadir is opposite to the MC.

The 10th house cusp always represents the M.C. The movement of the cusps is anti-clockwise, going from 10th via 11th ro 12th, via Asc. to 2nd and 3rd. The unfinished portions which you have to fill in yourself with the same degrees on the opposite side but with reversed signs arc: cusp 4, 5, 6, 7, S, and 9.


Each sign has a length of 30 degrees. This is not true with the size of the houses. Each house varies in length, depending upon the Latitude of the birth place and it is just this phenomenon that plays a great role in my forecasting methods as shall be explained in this work. Were it not for the variety of house lengths, no reflex formations could be built, at least not in a way to bring forth astounding combinations of aspects, that otherwise could not be seen or recognized.

Although, we are here still In the cradle, so to say, with our work having not even said a word about the planets so far, realize that a great deal has been achieved up to this time. In fact, as a teacher, 1 advise you right at this place to start at the beginning once more and go over carefully, step by step, what has been explained so far and you will be surprised when you reach this spoc again that many things appear in an entirely different light than has been the case when you reached here the first time.

Pause! Start fromr the beginning again!

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