How To Adjust A Birth To London Time

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New York, in actual Longitude from Greenwich, England, is + 4mJ3m54s (see Table IX) away. The actual clock time, however, is 5 hours from London.

Chicago, III., is actually in Longitude -3-5h50nr27s from Greenwich, whereas, the local time shows a differential of 6 hours.

In the first instance the clock is 4mtoo fast, in the second instance it is 9m33s too fast. When it is on the New York clock Noon, it is but LI o'clock 35m54s A.M. This value must be used and the Time adjusted accordingly, else we would be wrong, it docs not make too much difference when we arc in Chi cago or New York, but it does make a big difference when we use for example Tucson, Ariz., which lies in the Mountain Time Zone. Its actual Longitude from Greenwich is + 7h23m48s, whereas Mountain Time says 7 hours from London. When the clock strikes Noon at Tucson, the actual time is' already Noon H- 25m48s. After you have erected a few horoscopes you get used to looking up the Tables of Houses. Then you will note what a tremendous difference this and why anyone who does not make chese adjustments for the individual town* or cities, just simply cannot expect events to come forth. He just as well migh: close his books and stop.

After the cusps of a horoscope are calculated correctly, the signs put ar the cusps, we turn OUR ACTUAL BIRTH TIME into Greenwich Time, which we may call "our" London Time. By this procedure 1 simply hiean that we consider ourselves to be born in London, at the time corresponding to our place at birth.

For example, a person born at Amhersr, Mass., at 9h40m A.M., has io turn this birth time into London Time* The Table shows Amherst, Mass,, has a rime differential compared to London of +4h50m4s, which means that, when it is iCoon in London, the Time at Amherst is 4h50m4s further than Noon or 4h50m4s P.M.. besides considering the reduction adjustment of 48s which has to be addec (consult Table IX, last column). This gives for the person born at Amh—sr, Mass., Noon, a London Time of 4h5Qm52s, but, since it was only 9h40m A.M. of the day, we have to swing this time differential over to 9h40m A.M. at Amherst, which therefore, gives us a London equivalent of 2h3Im P.M. (the difference at Amhersr fiom Noon back to 9b40m A.M. is 2h20m).

go immediately a step further here, although the cause of what I am doing now, and why I am doing ir, will only be recognized later on. We siy: Those 2h31m ire about 1/12 day from Noon at which place planets are given at London and we make special noce to this effect on our boro-scope blank. Furthermore. we also bear constantly in mind for this case that the birth occurred after Koor,. when figured for London. It actually happens to be a birth before Noon if we consider Amherst, but, we are trying to eliminate all relations to the birth at Amherst and concentrate its start and existence, as if it was or had been at London.

In another case we might have a birth ar 2 P.M. at Chicago-, 111. This would give for London an equivalent of 7h51m26s P.M., which is figured as follows: 14 o'ciock (2 P.M.)

-+• 3h5.0m28s Chicago Long, from Greenwich, expressed in Time

-+- 5Bs Reduction adjustment

19h51m2(Ss or 7hJlm2<is P.M. at London.

Therefore, out of the 24 hours of the day this value is about 1/3. And in this ose this 1/3 of the daily movement of each planet is used and added to the London Noon position of that day.

The queer way of expressing this condition, and the use, which we shall make of it, will be explained shortly. It is important, else, I would not bring tsvo rtimples, that are a close repetition.

the five-fold horoscope the uni verse and the quadrants

How Make Umbrella Diagram

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