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Let us now examine Fig. 10 closely. You will recall chat we have 12 signs in the Zodiac, (see Fig. 8 wherein they have been marked.) Check now Fig. 10 and you will find two are missing. How is that? (See page 45) .

They just seem to be missing, but are there Just the same. The sign of Aries does not appear on any of the cujps, neither does the sign of Libra. They are hidden within the 10th House and within the 4th (the opposite). Due to the obliquity of the Ecliptic (which amounts to 23*27') it happens that when certain hours of Sid. Time pass, some of the signs disappear. They are not always Aries and Libra; it may hit any one of out signs. Usually not more than two arc missing. Many times you will, have all the 12 signs, one for each cusp. Only in vcrT high latitudes is it possible that several of the signs are missing. For example if you would erect a horoscope for a birth at Hammerfest, the extreme northern point of Norway, you would get a very cjueer looking horoscope as fat as House Cusps are concerned. Since it very seldom happens that abnormal horoscopes arc needed, we just mention the fact and let it go at that. They would be produced the same way as any others, but using the Table of Houses for the proper extreme North ot South Latitudes.

When signs are missing, that is, when some arc found hidden within another house, we must know that the house must automatically become larger than 30", since oae sign has 30" of length and all of that length is within that house, besides portions of the signs surrounding it. This fact is very important for us as sooo as we make our three-division of the House Cusps spoken of already. When we make them, some of these divisions will get the enclosed sign on the sub-cusps as will be shown presently. (Fig. 11, page 48).

We cannot go over yet into placing the planets into the Horoscope because that particular three-division must be fully completed, else our planets' places ■will not fall correctly into these sub-cusps where they h,tvr to be correctly placed. Fig. 11 shows the three-division, of our Horoscope carried through -completely.

We shall only show how we arrived at the division of the 10 th House. The others arc made the same way anti do not need to be further explained.

From 24*12' H to 0*15' » (from cusp 10 to cusp 11) arc 5*48' in X

This value we divide by 3, and get 12*1' for each "Third-Division."

1st Sub-Div. 24*12' X to 6*13' T 2nd Sub-D-iv. 6*13' T to 18*L4' T 3rd Sub-Div. is'M' T to 0*15' »

These values are entered into the 10th house and at the same time also into the 4th house with opposite sign. The degrees and minutes in opposite cusps are always the same, only the signs are of the opposite denomination.

I shall make one more example, that of the 1st house of our example:

From Cusp of 1st House to Cusp of 2nd House we have:

15"29' in S (measured from 14*31' up to 30"0') 4*15' in

19*44' is the total size of full 1st House.

Making rhe Three-Division, we get:

There will be one minute too much which must be omitted when entering the degrees and minutes into the Cusps.


1st Sub-Div. of 1st House will extend from l4*3l'S to 21

2nd Sub-Div. of 1st House wiJl extend from 21*6' S to 27*41*

3rd Sub-Div. of 1st House will extend from 27*41'fS to 4*15' iL

These values are entered into the first House, also into the 7th House. In the latter we use the opposite signs as explained above i.e. V? Si -ST-

This way you complete the round through the whole Horoscope, covering the 6 Houses and getting automatically the opposing six Houses, coo, with changed sign but with the same Degrees and Minutes. I cannot emphasize these details too strongly, because chey ate very important and you want to be sure to understand them eight now and make no errors.

On hand of Tig. 11 we note that the 11th' House is 40*0' long and each third Sub-Division is 13*20' long which values have been carried out on the Cusps by adding the Third Parts to the Main Cusp of the 11th house, i.e. 0* 15' b -

The 12th House has a length of 34*16', each Sub-Third containing 11*25".

The 2nd House his a length of 22*0', each Third Part containing 7*20'.

The 3rd House has a length of 27*57", each Third containing 9*19'.

The right half of the Horoscope has been left incomplete so that you may see how far matters have to be carried before you begin marking the other side which contain the same Degrees and Minutes on the Cusps, but whose signs are 180* further. This idea was shown below in and for the sign of TT|_ (4th House and beginning of 5th House),

The size of the opposing Houses are equal to each actual, meaning for example that House 4 has the same size as House 10.

As pointed out already, some astrologers erect so-called Aries horoscopes in the event the birth hour of the day is unknown in which case an Ascendant cannot be located. Others, erect ordinary radix Horoscopes for a known time with the correct Ascendant.

Since I consider it best to bring out these ideas completely, SO that you may recognize immediately these peoples' difficulties and ac die same time the great advantage which we gain over them by combining the horoscopes properly, we shall in our present example do as they do.

We have learned already how to figure each planet as to its place ac the moment of birth, but now we shall put this knowledge into practice and cast first an Aries horoscope, secondly we erect an Ascendant horoscope. The Planets' places when once figured, remain permanent in all our four horoscopes, even in the new additional ones which we shall produce, except the progressed horoscope.

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