Harmony Of Leaders With Horoscope

Foe example, in 1923-1929, praccically all stocks worked in harmony with the Mirk« Horoscope. In 1930-31 Vanadium, Worthington Pump, J. I. Case, and Album were leaders and were in full harmony with the Market Horoscope. Later co we had the whole market in agreement for » while. U. S. Steel and Intcrnrional Paper common work very nicely -with the general Horoscope right along i^id the trend of chese will show closely the main tread of stocks. However, -s-hen you. trade to just one single stock, you need its own Horoscope, not ignoricz though, the Stock Market Horoscope.

COMMODITY DATA A Commodity Horoscope can be made Tor the time any of the commodities were first traded on any exchange. Sugar No. 4 (World Sugar) first tended on January 6th, 1937; Cottonseed Oil, first traded on May 5tb, 1.904 ; U. 5. Steel was first Usced on March 1.8th, 1901; Hides on June 4th, 1929; Rubber on February 15th, 1926; stocks in general on May 17th, 1792; Coffee on March 7th, 1382, all at New York, N.Y. Butter on December 1st, 1919, at Chicago, III.

A horoscope erected the opening of the Grain Exchange on Feb. 18, 1859, at Chicago, 111., docs not give results and therefore should not be used. I use for wheat the horoscope of Jan. 2nd, 1587.

For cotton I have no horoscope. This commodity has to be figured with methods not shown in this work.

STOCK LISTINGS ON BIG BOARD All individual stocks quoted now started with Standard, resp. Daylighc Saving Time, New York Cicy.

The stock abbreviations used are those on che stock ticker. If you don't know theur, any stock broker will supply you with a small booklet which contains the full name of these corporations aside of the abbreviations.

AKL, Dec. 12, 1923. ALO, June 14, 1923. CDP, Feb. 15, 1917. CMO, Sept. 23, 1925. CS, Jan. 22, 1921. GF, Apr. 12, 1922. GOB, Aug. 5, 1927. J, Feb. 4, 1920. MTC, Oct. 9, 1929. .OF, Jan. 29, 1931. PU, Aug. 10, 1927. PUB, Oct. 28, 192Ó. S, Mar. 24, 1926. TG, Nov. 23 ,1921. VC, Nov. 19, 1925. WY, Sept. L8, I9091.

AKO, Oct. 28, 1920. AJ, Oct. 28, 1915. BEX, May 31, 1929-BI, Mar. 9, 1910. CJ. Aug. 10, 1922. GM, Oer. 5, 1915. GQ, pfd., May 28, 1S90. IT, Apr. 26, 1923." KSU, Apr. 3, 1903. KT pfd., Apr. 6, 1923. . LW, Jan. 14, 1920. MLL, Aug. 21, 1929. MQ, Apr. 12, 1922. RU, Sept. 1, 1924. SIM, Feb. 15, 1923. T, Sept. 4, 1901.

AF, July 21, 1920 C. July 7, 1925. CLZ, July 7, 1930. CN, Jan. 15, 1915. DER, June 29, 19>33. ED, Feb. 25. 1885. EK, Apr. 12, 1905. FWC, Aug. 29, 1929. GRS, June 11, 1925. JM, Feb. 8, 192S. M, Mar. 25. 1920. UD, Apr. 12, 1911. UP, Mar. 9. 1898. VA, Dec. 10. 1919. WX, Feb. 26, 1892.

It Is practically impossible for traders to be spread all over che board and in all kin is of commodities. To keep in close touch with events (aspects) of even two or three is a man's job.

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