From Greenwich Daily motion 226

1944=0«.. 16, 17?2- subi{a to. correction /or individual pUneis, as explained.

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Step No, 7; Assuming now that we found an aspect in our first trial. Let us assume thai at lS'23'Y3 we see i in radix position (as of London). In this case we have to do with 3 5 R is the cause of the event. It is now child's play to figure the exact Ascendant and all the rest of the paraphernalia we requite to eiect a correct horoscope. The procedure is as follows and please do not attempt any "short cuts":

Step No. 8: Question: When the Moon's motion of the day is 1 J"31' and the Noon position at place of birth is 19*245;. at which time is the Moon at 16 '23' 25?

Solution: Motion to be gone backward is: 19*24' less 16*23' or 3*1'. Thus: log. of 3*1' — log. of 13*31' equals the time between Noon backward to the time of event.

log. 3*01' 9031 In this case we do not add, but deduct!

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