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The 12th of February, 1944, March 12th, 1944, and October 31st, 1944, should become days of importance. Watch and seel Especially should they become important for traders of stocks and .wheat. The first date shows top for stocks with a decline to develop; the second shows top for the commodities with a decline in the offing and the last date shows a major low for everything, stocks and commodities combined. In fact, October 31st or November 1st, 1944, may even mean: peace.

Markets as well as human beings are composed of many parts. From joy oftentimes is but a short step to sorrow ox the other way around. My method of -writing this second part is not and cannot be a systematic arrangement of thoughts, working out one thought, following with the next, chapter after chapter. This could be done if the producer explains some invention gradually to others, step by step, the way he reached his goal. Or else, if he is one of the copyists or "chewers", he; might take a bunch of books treating the same subject, copying from one. then from the next what has been said on the thought he wants to bring as his own. Hundreds of books are made that way. On the surface they look as if the author was just loaded with special knowledge on certain subjects when, in truth he is nothing of the kind. He specializes by taking a little from here and a little from there. Some honest copyists bring at the end of their book a list of works "consulted", which they had used. I have often thought: let me make a heading! It's alright, if you want to go into great detail, building a house from scratch, assuming little of the reader. On my side, I assume that the reader knows a lot already and only certain phases are uttknown or arc not clearly known to him. Those who have studied Part I care fully should have fair going in this part. One thought is quickly explained and from that one thought spring spontaneously numerous thoughts but, they Ln themselves have little direct connection with the previous thoughts. Therefore it would be wrong to work with many headings or chapters, if in the third line we arc already at an entirely different stage with our thoughts.

Therefore, one of the advantages that the reader can glean from this part Is: Learn to jump fasti If wrongly committed in the Market, jump! and ask no questions. Do no looking, ask nobody! Act by yourself, the faster, the better! You will always save money that way. One has to learn to become versatile. Learn to raik of gnats and rhododendrons, Ecuadorean "One Escuedo" stamps, doughnuts and try to decypher Bhopal writing all in one breath. Know of a Swiss steak as much as about Swiss cheese, of Swiss laces, of Maggi Sauce of Kempthal, of Biel watches or Lake Lugano!

You may think for a moment that I have gone haywire but far from it! The ability to think fast, but clear at the same time, Is what enables you to size up situations at a glance and proper training which, of course, takes time, makes you also retain that which you have thought or seen, now or long ago, and—apply it at a moment's notice. When you hear sometimes in brokers' offices talk about the New Deal doing this or thac to stocks, that earnings and dividends are so and so and therefore a stock or a commodity should be affected this or that way and hear it from people who are supposed to be well educated, it makes you get chills. It sounds the same as when two bar flies discuss politics: a lor of hot air without a base. Therefore, it is not their brains thac keeps them in the market, but their "smeller" obtained at birth. I could tell you stories about certain big traders which I have heard myself from first source concerning their actions and I am sure, positively , that it is not their brains that makes them get out at tops and makes them buy at bottoms. It is simply their luck!

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