Final Remarks About Grain Trading

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We should have a horoscope not only for Wheat, but for Rye, Oats, and Corn as well. You might find one if you think along the lines as I did with Wheat and go through the experimental stage with grcar patience. Each of the commodities moves its own way, though their general trend be similar for lone periods. However, Wtieac can be stronger or weaker and its moves bigger for a while compared to rye or corn and visa versa. There arc methods to find die differences. But these ice produced with astrological Saws somewhat different from those laid down here and we have to pass them up.

Suffice to say thac grains as a whole can be traded with the aid of the Wheat Horoscope and good results obtained.


Make ac all time use of Ellipses, (the 6 inch and 9 inch) when you trade in anything as explained in "Time Factors".

That my rules concerning ellipses as explained there are correct, may be seen in'Swedenberg's "Economy of Animal Kingdom, III, che Fibre". The idea had not been taken from Swedenberg to be recooked, since ac that time I did not know of Swedenberg. How the ellipses do work at the present period can be seen, -when consulting a wheat ot an. oats chart from August to December, 1943. Wheat moved then in a 6-inch ellipse and oats in a 9-inch ellipse.

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