Final Calculations To Locate The Sidereal Time Of A Birth

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Assume a birth takes place at 7:08 P.M., on May 14, 1941, at Carmel, California. The following data must be secured:

1. Longitude of Carmel, 121*56' West (taken from a map or from Table IX)

2. Latitude of Carmel, 36*22' North (taken from a map or from Table IX)

3. Sidereal Time of the previous Noon (taken from the Ephetneris).

4. Time of birch, taken from observation, 7h8m P.M. (Note, the 0 between 7h08m Is usually omitted in astrological work!)

From these data we produce the complete horoscope. Certain pacts of the data we do not need immediately such as the Latitude of the Birth Place.

* In some Ephemeris the planets as well aj Iks Sidereal Time is figured for midnight instead of for 12 Moon each day. In that esse all 7011c calculations are clone from Midnight towards the hour of birth. On first p»ge of each Ephemeris you will iind foe what lime and for which place it is figured.

We Insert now the actual values:

1. Sid. Time; Ephemeris shows May 14, 1941, at Noon

2. Time of birth (from Noon Time)

3. Reduction to Greenwich (last column Table 3X)

4. Increment of Sid. passed between previous Noon and actual birth, 7hSm (from Table III) (page 32).

7 hours lm8.99>s 50 min. 4.92Ss lml3.923s

Final Sidereal Time to be used

3-h27ro2l5 + 7h 8m + lm21s lml4s


To be looked up in the Table of Houses for the proper Laatude of place of birth: in this case we use Tables of Houses for Algiers 36*48' North, supplied in Raphael's Tables of Houses 0—50*- North.

CHANGE OF CALENDER A student, who sooner or later works with horoscopes erected for andent times, such as when one tries to make a horoscope for the rime of the discovery of the American Continent, will first of all consider the change of the Calendar made 1588 in Catholic countries and 1752 in English speaking and Protesrant countries. Next, he has to consider that old Ephemerides ate made for other places such as Bologna, Italy, or for Cologne, Germany, and roc for Greenwich. The results .will be the same, of course, if the horoscope is made right, but your distance from the place for which the Ephemeris wis made is different. This will be shown when we erect the Wheat Horoscope for Jan 2, 15 87.

In case someone uses old maps, to locate places on the earth to find their distances from London or from the place the Ephemeris is made for, beats in mind that they used to have the first Meridian through Ferro-, an island of the Canary Islands group, which was considered the most westerly point of the Old World. Later the Greenwich Meridian was used.

Therefore, with old maps you have to consider the difference between Ferro and Greenwich. This place lies in 27*46'30J,N". and 17"54'22"V7. of Greenwich.

OLD EPHEMERIDES The question comes up many times: where can I get old Ephemerides? We hare Ephemerides back to about 1830, but, what to do if we want to cast a horoscope for March 18 th, 1619, or for November 2nd, 1702, if need be? I discovered that Ephemerides for practically any year starting with 1490, or thereabouts, can be found in the New York Library. There is one complete collection from 1700 to 1810 there, called the "Ford Collection", which has the Index Mark "CAC". The slip to obtain any of these books looks as follows:

Collection of English Almanacs (Ford Collection). Mention which years you want.

Older ones, covering the years 1500 to 1700 can be located in the big Room 323 where books are listed on cards, under the title: "Almanacs", with sub-titles: Almanacs of Italy, Almanacs of Germany, Almanacs of Great Britain,

The older ones are mostly of Italian or German origin and printed in Latin, which should give no difficulty to use them.

You may have photostatic copies made of any of them at the library. Of the English almanacs there are several of one year bound together. Only one of them contains che places of the planets in degrees and minutes, while the other pates carry the planets' places only with degrees, omitting minutes, thus not useful. I do not think you could get mail orders for photostatic copies executed. You probably will have to go to the library yourself cr send someone to look up the pages and order them reproduced, or copy the positions in long hand.

examples how to use table hi

Assuming we have to adjust the Sid. Time for a birth which occurred at 9:45 P.M. of some day.

Use the Sid. Time, which is found in the Ephemeris. Add to it the increment of 9h43m, taken from Table III. Its value is composed of 9 hours— lm2S,708s +43 rain. ~ 7-064s

This value we shall call lm3C«, It is added to che given Sid. Time in the Ephemeris.

A birth occurred at 9:02 A.M. of some day.

Take Sid. Time of previous day as shown in the Ephemeris. Add to it the differential between chat previous noon and 9:02 A.M., which amounts to 21h2m. Therefore, Sid. Time ior 21m2m.

21h 3m36.842s 2m 0.329s


This value is added to the Sid. Time of the previous Noon, and everything is taken care of as fac as the Sidereal Time is concerned. Of course, otherf adjustments which have to be made to erect a correct horoscope will be pointed Out later on.

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