Figuring The Remaining Cusps

The cusps of the other houses we just copy from the Ephemeris since the difference between the Sid. Time (lower value) given in the Table of Houses for New York 23h37m5Ss is very close to our Sid. Time. ^J^e might add ^ motion, which would mean we might add 13' to each value given, for die cusps of the llch, 12ch, 2nd and 3rd house in the Table of Houses, if we want to do real fine work. However, closer we don't need those values. They might be figured trigonométricaIiy to the second. However, my experience says: don't waste time that way. Results won't be much better in spite of several hours work put into it to figure (hem trigonumetrlcally.

The 'A addition is suggested because the actual Sid. time of 2 3h38m4ls is about 'A inside the two Sid. Time Values in Ephemeris: 23h37m38s ¿c 23h41m39s.

Therefore, we locate for the following houses the following degrees: (taken from Table of Houses for New York for 23h37"58"( adding ,15' to each as an adjustment) :

11th house takes 0*13' a. 2nd house takes 4*lJ5r «ft,.

12th house takes 10*15' H- 3rd house takes 26*13' SI-

But we miss the values for the House Cusps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 91!

These House Cusps lie opposite to the 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Cusps which we know already. All we do is copy the degrees and minutes from one side and set over opposite to them. The sign we can't use, but we can use the opposition values, i.e. the signs that are 180* away from them. When we do this we get for the missing cusps the following:

4th cusp 24'12' TIE (opposite of 10th House),

5th cusp 0*15' th (opposite of 11th House).

5th cusp 10"15' jr- (opposite of 12th House).

7th cusp I4'31r V3 (opposite the 1st House).

8th cusp 4'15' (oposite of 2nd House).

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