Of course, what also baffled me, at times, were .the festivals instituted by the various religious secrets, such as Christians, Jews oc Mohamedans, nay even the ancient Barbarians had religious festivals. These festivals are mostly fixed for certain dates of the year, only one of them was movable, Easter. It required of those who instituted them a knowledge of the astronomical year, long before any Nautical Almanacs or Ephemerides were ever published, long before clocks, other than. Sun clocks were available.

The Jewish New Year always falls into the end of September, "while the Christian New Year falls on January 1st. Therefore, the various religions seem to represent nothing but different octaves of our piano, the year, all being the same as far as the length of the octave Is concerned but different in the wave lengths of their sound. In the Catholic religion also in the Protestant religion, rbey have one movable feast, that of Easter, irs possible date being between March 25th and April 20th or within the space of one Moon's rotation. They say that it is to be on the first Sunday after the New Moon.

Why, if for any reason, does this religion need to let Christ rise in the imagination of men each year at some other time, and that the time of his ascension to be, of all things, subject to rhe Moon's motion?

These are matters about which I could reveal plenty, were it not fot reasons that it is not good to meddle into other people's business.

At any rate, there must have been a good cause to make all festivals fixed for each year, but to make just one movable. It reminds me of (he Talmud wherein we find that the Jews have 39* laws which musi not be trespassed for just one reason: when they originally made these laws, one forbidden law, of which they were sure it was not to be trespassed, slipped in "by mistake" and was mixed up with- the 38 good ones. So that, ;o be sure, nothing evil would happen to the believers, ort account of that stray sheep, they fotbade the entire 39 laws, including 38 good ones and also termed them' bad. This is what is called in German "spitifinding," a term hard to translate into English, verbally translated it means: "find the point."

When we now pla.ee these religious festivals as points on our piano, calling rhe entire length of all octaves one year and space them accordingly, we obtain divisions of the year that do not at all look as if they were divisions like* Spring Summer, Fail and Winter, but, they ate supposed to represent a cycle, the cycle of the life of Jesus Christ. Assuming he was born Christmas Day, was it Old Siyle or bJe-j. Style calendar?, had died on Good Friday, and came out of the grave at Easter. Something else had happened on the third important holiday, called Pentecost. Evidently the period after Pentecost was void or barren of events, unless we consider that (remember Goethe!) one of the dates is to be jumped for once, so thai Christmas to be on, one year, then his life to lasr through one year without an Easter, then skip the next Christmas and end at.Easter. Then after Easter we have late in May Ascension day, which we must not forget to use. This would give us two rounds, or at least one and one half rounds in the Zodiac or In the motion of the Sun through the Zodiac.

Aside of religious holidays we also have civil holidays which seenr to be a mere imitation of the others just to have something similar. But, religion was first, before any government ever existed, that needs no proof, but if you wane one, here it is: religions always have been as Jong as men are on earth, governments hive changed as such and in themselves from one sort to another: monarchy, republic, tyranny, oligarchy, anarchy or what-have-you. But the Jewish religion ot the Catholic religion has always been the same, no change, not even an iota was changed. You may say: how about the Protestants, Methodists, Mohammedans? These are of the same type, only slightly changed views on insig-nicicant matters. Read any of their- books, read the Koran and you will see that it is so.

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