The next Greek word which ^e shall analyze is: paltakis (itoW.axu;) meaning many times, often, po (no) we have sho'a.n to represent the plural "die" ot "the". II ()1) used as f; k (v.) used as I, and the end-letter sigma is used as I, gives Faties, the fates. This word there/ore means just the "contrary of what we did expect. In other words, more often, than not, i.e., more than 30% of that, which we carefully figure, measure or weigh does not turn out the way we figure in advance.


As the next word we analyze: Tessares {-tecrtraps;) in English-"four". Tau used as 2, reminds us immediately of the word the Caesars (pi.) The Greek word "four" is also spelled Tertares! (xEixaot;). to make sure that we recognize that the Caesars are meant thereby. Tau in Greek is the Z of Medieval German. Our American school Latin pronounciation of Caesar as "Kaesar" (in German: Kaiser) is therefore erroneous. The German students of Latin pronounce it as C like the c in etc., which is preferrable.

Near to the Greek word "Tertares" we find the wocd Tetrapodos (iFTOUrtoSo^) , which means quadruped. Evidently in. that word all animals are included that have four legs, omitting thereby birds, worms, insects and fishes.

The derivation or rather the original construction of the Greek words is not always according to the rule of "Lautverschiebung" (change of letters) , but occasionally a word or part of a word will define its meaning from the way it is pronounced. To get closer to what is meant by this circum-description, I told you in the foregoing text that, if we only would get down from our high horse, and put ourselves into children's shoes, listen to nature, to child's talk, we would be much better off to gtasp big, immense tcuths. Here is an example which I heard once in a subway and which will' tell us how the quadruped was made. A young mother was sitting opposite with her child, about two years old. Only a few passengers were Ln the train since we just approached the end of. the line-Suddenly, the child made a strange motion towards the mother who, evidently did not catch the meaning of that motion, but said aloud to the child: "What is it, dear"? Instead of answering in words, the baby said in her childish way: hein, hein, which revealed all what she wanted to do . . .

Tetra in the word tetrapodes just simply means the sound of a trumpet, tra-tra-to, tetra. The first part means simply a thing that looks like a trumpet. Podos; p is used as a filler and the delta too. Then we have left: o&os. This means; Ohl Ox. In other words, using our Marker action, it defines the time when we found ourselves it the bottom- of the market in April 1942. A trumpec is coming, oh or, that you are, a steep long affair upwards which you can't sec! A trumpet necessarily does not mean a movement that goes down from a rop to the ground. Use your imagination, but not youc idols. This, therefore, is yauc "Caesar", che bull market which is meant by ic. Therefore, wiseacres, "the history of the Life of Caesar" in school books is merely an invention which describes the way Bull Markets develop and end!

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