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Let us now assume for a moment that a person born on January 10th, 1908 gets a A. aspect to Jupiter (of 120"). This should be favorable to him in some way. This aspect can be figured ahead of time for the moment when it will strike the mzri, let us say it is to hit him on May 14, 1944. This planet getting favorable to hint, irrespective of what he does or has done before that time-, some action of his should then bring him some money and not a little sum, b.ut plenty. If we belierve, that such is possible or true, we have reached a stage in our life wherein we put our faith into planetary action and thereby eliminate our will completely. It is my contention from my years of study of these laws that we have no will of ourselves but all we do in rrrind and action is pre-determined by planetary action. Text books on astrology don't say anything like this because they don't even recognize that this rs the underlying Law upon which alt forecasting is based. They will attempt to tell that you can avoid bad aspects and even turn them into good ones. Oh, how blind and dull are these people! Therefore, astrology is not used for the purpose to find out when, aspects are! due and then assist them or avoid them, depending upon their nature, but merely to fix dates when they are due and let it go at that. It makes me recall some years ago when London was struck by a dry spell of many months. Some "intelligent" person advised to shoot off cannons to draw on clouds and bring fo-rth rain. They actually did it, but it refused to rain. If astrological laws show that there won't be rain, chere just simply will be no ram, never mind what any earthly creature tries to do. This statement you may not relish, but drugstores have lots of Vitamin pills for sale to brace you up!

We cannot advance or delay aspects. They tome at the appointed moment. If anything could be done against aspects, the rich would be the first ones to ■use their nroney to see to it that things would go their way. Of course, you may not think of the fact that money and brains do not always go together, just as little as work and pleasure do. If someone has an excess of one-, he usually is short on the other. They say: It takes brains to make money. 1 don'r think so; I even believe it takes no brains to mike a lot of money. I have seen people who can't ■write their own name buy stocks at a dollar or two to sell them for 50 and 60 dollars. They Just had the "smeller."

benefits and advantages of astrological studies

The only advantage for us human beings to study astrology lies in the ability to figure out when something should happen to us and what the nature of such an event is to be. Beyond that, don't wish, don't look, don't expectt If the event is indicated as unfavorable, take it as such and make the best of it; if good, do the same. At least, we are then prepared.

You can plot your entire life ahead and see it roll off as the planets indicate.

Since everything is predicated upon a bitch moment, individuals, states, nations, automobiles or anything in the world acc from the moment of birth. This moment is the beginning. For this moment a chart of phnecary positions must be made. Ic is called the Natal or Radix Chart. Cling to this: Never change it, when it is once correctly erected! A second chart is required in order to produce aspects. This chart we shall call the Progressed Chart. It is made under the following rule:


That way, our native of January 10, 1908 can see the events of his first year of life when he consults planeiary movements as they rolled off from January 10 to January 11, 1908. A native born March 5th, 1897, would use for his fitsc year, the planetary positions between March 5th and <Sth 1S97; for his second year of life, the planetary positions between March ¿th and 7th, 1897; for his chird year of life, those between March 7th and 8th, 1897 and so on. One day equals one year of life. 10 days equal io years, 30 days equal 30 years, 50 days equal 50 years measured from the moment of birth.

Because one day equals one year, one year equals the 24 hour of such a day. 12 months also equal 24 hours. Therefore, 1 month equals 2 hours. This sounds rather easy, but it is nor so easy when you try to work it. Let us assume we check Native of 1897, born March 5th.

At the present moment. May 14, l$4l we would have to add 44 days to his birth -date: from March 5th, 1897 to March 31st, 139*7 we have 26 days. April 1st, 1897 would represent 27 days, April llch, 1397, 3.7 days, and April 18th, 1897 would be 44 days or 44 years. Therefore, the Native of March 5th, 1897 wo-uld use for the period of March 5th, 1941 to March 4th, 1942 the planetary positions of between April 18th 1397 to April 19th, 1897.

The Native of January 10, 1908 would do as follows; from 1903 to 1941 we have 33 years; January 10th +33 days —21 days running in January and 12 days running m February, therefore he would have to use for the period of January 10th, 1941,to January 9th, 1942—the 12th to 13th day of February 190S.

This gives us ro//gi> and ready measures, but nothing op exactness, as yet. In order to understand details, we have to understand the rough work. Nothing has been said as yet about the rime of birth. The moment of birch is necessary in order to make a chart. Let nobody tell you different! Those so-called Aries Horoscopes are no good and give nothing of value. He who uses them just simply erects your horoscope upon 0"<p', irrespective of the rime of the day. You need the time and somehow it must be found. If that time is not known, we have ways and means to make tests for the moment and further on I shall demonstrate how to locate it through actual events.

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