Erecting A Chart For A Birth East Of Greenwich

Some students are not fully satisfied with ordinary figuring of cusps. They want to have them with mathematical precision. I used to be one of these cranks, who spent days with complicated tables to figure each cusp exact to the second. Forget abo-ut all that work; it leads you astray, takes a lot of time and results are no better foe reasons explained later, when the five-fold horoscope is treated.

In order to make sure that you can cast a correct chart 1 shall illustrate the procedure once more in a shorter way with another example. We take this time a birth at Tokio on February 24th, 1941, at 4hl5m a.M.

Step No. 1—Sid. Time taken from Ephemeric (Feb. 23rd, 1941) : 22hllm57s Step No. 2—-Time elapsed since previous Noon 12h

+ 4hl5m

Step No. 3—Adjustment of 10s for each hour eiapsed since

Noon; 16% times 10s or 162s 2m42s

Step No. 4—Adjustment for Tokio,. 9hl9m (East of Greenwich) of 10 sec. for every hour; if West, add; East deduct the value; minus 92s or — lm32s

38h28m 7s Reject 24 hours 24h

Final, actual Sid Time 14h28m7s

Use Table of Houses for 35" or 3<S*.

The Tokio Table of Houses shows the closest Sid. Time 14h26m23s

The next line shows I4h30m20s

Difference 3m 5 5s

Whereas the MC and Asc. are to be figured exactly, all the other cusps quoted in Raphael's Tables of Houses we adjust by adding one half degree, so as to get them in proportion to our I4h28ni7s value, which is about half-way between the given Sid. Times.

Therefore we get for At the opposite cusps we have:

10th house cusp 9'26'tn. * 4th house cusp 9*2<SJ H ■

11th house cusp 3"30'^?. 5th house cusp 3"30'n.

12th house cusp 25"30V. Sth house cusp 25"30'll-Asc. (1st) house cusp 18'29'V?.*'* 7th house cusp (Descendant) 1S*29'S

2nd house cusp 29*30'^r. 8th house cusp 29 *30'£L.

3rd house cusp S'30'T. 9th house cusp 8*30^. These are entered.

• Calculation: 7" X 500=MSm (from Table XI) + 8* 38'tn =14h25m

77m is novtmer.; of MC. from one value to the next; 187s is 5ni7s, fro^i I4h25m to 14b28in7s, Table XI to act. Sid. Time; 300$ is 3m space between Table XI -values, film is diff. ber=eeen iw ascendant values in Table of Houses Tokio;

10?s is diif. bet^itn final Sid. Time and lower value of Sid. Time given in Table of Houses for Tokio (SS'SP'N".) 23^ is jraJSs and represent one ds^'s motion in Sid. Titne. S*J8'rn_ is MC vilue for MhJJm found in out Tablr XI.

13'5'VC? coiropondini; to l4b?6ro25s in Lar. 35"59'N. from Tible of Houses for Tokio.

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