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Astrologets, people who use planets and stars to predict events of the future with mote or less success, as far as I know can be divided into two groups: those who use the Suh as being the influencer, and those who claim the Moon to be the It. I have read many Sun sign prognostications, covering all those for example that are born when the Sun passes through the sign of Taurus, which extends from April 20th to May 19th of each and any year and I must say that oftentimes characters were well defined, especially, when we note that Taurus born people usually have a. heavy neck, that Gemini born people are agile, quick, Scorpio people can act two ways: they can be sweet and they can make use of their "stinger" if wrongly touched.

Those who use the Moon as a guide, usually erect horoscopes or maps of the heaven and follow the morion of the Moon as it rotates in longitude through the heaven, forming what they call aspects or angles towards other planets. Certain angles they call evil, when formed, others they call good or ptopicious. They hit events quite frequently. Any serious, unbiased man or woman must admit chat something is hidden in the science of astrology even though ic has not been completely re-perfected. When Montgolfier, back in 1780 o: there abours, flew his flying machine, no doubt, he had a four motored bombdr in his brains, but was satisfied to fly merely from a church tower to earth without being crushed upon arrival. Of course, astrology is nothing new; it was in use hundreds of years ago ahd I have in my possession a French work on that subject published by some doctor back in 1.645. I have studied it carefully to find something "new" in it, but rhe effect created was just the reverse of expectation. I discovered there, that the "Moderns" had through centuries just painstakingly copied that what the ancients knew long ago. So that the average adepts are merely copyists and imitators tut not improvers. Unquestionably, this particular type of ancient astrology, I mean the one of the French doctor, had its flaws which were carried right along in the copies and there the matter rests yet, today, not one being apparently able to improve on It.- Be it said parenthetically, that I have made during the. time of my studies of astrology, a lot of improvemeints by putting five horoscopes- into one single horoscope, so-called reflex: horoscopes and the results were then so much better, mora accurate, hitting nine times out of ten tight, tighc on the day, when an event was expected to occur, (see Part I of this work.) But, is is the case, usually, improvements require a lot of additional work, which most people refuse to do. They let George do it. The very same laws I applied to the movements of the1 stock market, which was the direct cause of me ever delving into the subject of astrology and for years 1 have made forecasts of markets with the aid of the personally invented "Five-fold" Horoscope. It is not only very practicable for use to find swings in the stock market, but it applies equally to individual births when properly produced.

Back in 1937 I seem to have reached the end of the rope as'far is astrology was concerned. No further improvements could be made. However, hard 1

searched and (tied 10 look for aid in all fields of science. Especially, it ■»■as the Bible and leiated -works, that interwied me most, since 1 knew it contained so many forecasts, all of which came to piss. First of all, of course, I had to uso Goethe's ideas, that "a word does not have just one meaning," but ar that time 1 did not know Goethe had the very same ide3. His idea also grew in my own brains. However, as was explained with languages, one language grows into another, one octave into another, so it was with this study. In fact, my first beginning with Bible studies occurred already back in 1930 or even earlier with the S« view, to discover certain laws that would help define market movements more accurately. But the goings were hard; imaginations were plentiful; what appeared as tangibles faded ouickiy away; persistent hammering with al! odds against, gradually ptoduce additional apparent tangibles, which, even though again pro-ing not satisfactory, were kept alive longer, until they, too, faded.

Yes, a complete fade-out they made! In fact, I have accumulated some sixty volumes of notes containing all the trials and errors, with illustrations and details, few of which were ever used again, knowing, during the progress of time and work, that anything written into it, wis merely a "first draft" of the real thing. It was not too hard to gather volume after volume of literal translations of ancient woik, Egyprian. Greek, Latin, works of the Middle Ages and to use a month or two to study ten or twenty pages. Of Athetueus—covered 65 pages, when the imaginary house collapsed again, requiring to start all over at page one. But, by that time, I wast well used to see collapses of castles. There had been but a very small difference between one castle and the next. The idea boiled down to one thing: Find that foundation, which supports all the houses, including their roofs; find the base, che flag pole with the small flag! By gradual elimination of ideas, the possibility of eliminations dwindled down to few, so that, finally one single foundation would eventually be found that should prove to be solid.

I am speaking here of houses and foundations, of a temple and a tabernacle, of the Ark of Noah with its thred stories. The idea of houses was primarily obtained from astrology, wherein a sign of the Zodiac is called a house, to each of whom supposedly a different character is given, such as the house of friends, the house of speculation, the house of the family etc. The twelve tribes of Israel helped along, too, since "tribes" in Goethe's language might very well mean "houses." The twelve apostles could very well represent the rwelve signs of the Zodiac, although 1 had no substitute for Judas, the thirteenth with one eliminated. This way all sorts of fancy, good looking ideas were produced, for a while. Adam wis calied the Sun, Eve, the Moon, Abel ran above Ascendant-Descendant line, Cain was put below. 1 had spears and lances, everything for the batde in the Slime Pits, out of which Melchisedech went forth as king.

But as said before, myriads and myriads of ideaj grew in my mind to create substitute meanings. None proved useful; all were ciuds, to be thrown away, months and years of painstaking work just "flew away."

It would be unfair to say, that all was in vain. Much experience had been gained first by merely reading these old Classics, at least, to know what they contained, what they talked about, even though, for practical application only small results were obtained.

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