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In 1932 my first definite findings of hidden cycles were published in "Time Factors," of which the first book was sold on. June 20, 1932, tight at the Bottom of the Bear Market 1929 to 1932. 1935 saw the original work of the Five-fold Horoscope, but not a word was then said about necessary corrections that had to be made on the Stock Horoscope, neither* was there anything said about the Wheat Horoscope.

1939 saw the birth of "Previews" and the year after appeared "The Handbook of Trend Determinations", followed in 1942 by "The Egg of Columbus", rather an unfortunate name, since in the country which Columbus discovered, nobody knew about the story of the egg, which, in short is this: During Columbus' passage to America, bets were made among che crew, who could set an egg in an upright position. All tried, nobody knew, since each egg was round and refused to "stand on its head." Mr. Columbus took the egg, knocked it carefully on one end—and ic stood erect. The crowd was greatly astonished at the simplicity of the procsss. Nobody had known how to go about it.

All the school kids know that one!

The explanations of my book by that name are on similar lines. Instead of the egg, Stock and Wheat Market rules wece used.

These works may be termed the fote runners of Part III of this book, because their contents are based again on entirely different astrological principles which readers, who have acquired them, will recognize.

A fair question may be put here by the reader: Do you use any of the things contained in the various books yourself, to make forecasts?

Yes, and no. A small btiilder may start building a house and live in ir while he builds a new one. Then he builds a better one, sells the other and lives in the new one. This procedure he may keep up, until he has built foe himself a big house which Is just not for sale.

I say this, because I know my readers. Somr traders walk in New York from their broker's office three blocks to get "that ham sandwich acid that coffee" for fifteen cents. When they return, having saved a nickel, not figuring the shoe leather, they find their four contracts of wheac have dropped three cents, giving them a $600 loss while they went on a "nickel-saving expedition,"

If you are careful in your trading, not overstep your limits aad have patience to wait for aspects to come, you should never have to take dime sandwiches to save. In case you are not a trader, but follow astrology a'nd philosophy for other reasons, you soon can build houses, that will not tumble. You gradually should find many new paths that reveal big and bigger wonders. Always remember, I took cwency years of work off your shoulder! And, to traders 1 say this yet: You have bought here a lot of mighty fine mouse traps! A seller of mouse traps does not set them up for you, neither does he supply the bacon for the cook. He knows, his traps are good, having tested each one himself. Some can catch a lot of mice with them, one or the other might catch his own finger even in the best traps.

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