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With die iici of the Table of Houses for the proper latitude -we proceed to adjust the values given in the Table of Houses, to get as close to exact values as possible. Fig 10A (page 30) shows part of the Table of Houses for Mew York as given in Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of Planers' Places.

By Cusps we understand the corners of the 12 houses of a horoscope as shown in Fig. 8. In this figure, the point marked 270" represents the cusp of the 10th House or the Mid-Heaven; the point marked 300" is the Cusp of the 11th House, the point marked 330" is the cusp of the 12th House. The point matted 0" (360*) is called the Ascendant or the cusp of the first House. Thei point marked 30" is the cusp of the 2nd House; the point marked 60" is the cusp of 3rd House. These cusps are given in the Tables of Houses for the 10th to the 3rd House.


The Mid-Heaven, as well as the Ascendant, must be figured to the minute. The other cusps may be either left the way they are shown in the Table of Houses, or adjusted to 15m, 30m, or 45m but not closer, if need be, or when it is obvious that the full degree without minutes is too inaccurate. Experience will teach you when to adjust and when not to adjust.

As to the remaining cusps of the horoscope, we obtain their values from the six given ones in that these degrees are the same, only the signs have to be reversed. If the MC. or Mid-Heaven carries 16' ft, the cusp of the 4th Housed the opposite place below carries also 16* with the sign of Til, which is opposite toy . If the Ascendanr carries 23'20'Jt, the descendant must have 23*20'^r, quite automatically. When entering the missing cusps: 1, place-the degrees belonging there, and only then ; 2, enter the signs for it, which must be known by heart, else, copy them from the Table of Signs, using their opposing signs.

The beginner is much punled by the sudden, but necessary change of the Ascendant. Instead of starting our hotoscope at 0" T, we have to take the right moment, the sign and degree of the birth at the Ascendant. This "rising" point is not continuing to rise, as might be tssumed from the wording, but, when time progresses, this Ascendant moves downwards and NOT upwards! Erom the beginning of the first house of an Aries horoscope, it travels down into the first house, gets In to the second, as time goes on, and keeps on moving in this direction. Gradually, this Ascendanc changes, of course, its signs. The cause behind such a movement is the Sidereal Time. Fig. 10 shows that in our case, instead of 0" T, we have 14'31'S rising. During one day the entire Zodiac passes the Ascendant, or Cusp 1st House; therefore, any degree and any sign may be rising during one day, since the earth itself turns around its axis once a day. Yes, there is once, during a day, also 0* T on the Ascendant, but just for one moment, to be superceded by 0"lrT , -0*2'T up to 29"59*3€.

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