Comparison Of Stock And Wheat Charts

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It is interesting to check how the Wheat Horoscope compares with the Stock Horoscope, when we know that many times the trend in both is alike, at other times the trend is completely opposite to each other.

Check che Wheat Radix Moon with the Stock Radix Neptune; Wheat Mercury Radix with Moon RM of Stock Chart; Wheat Saturn Radix with Jupiter M+ of Stocks. This condition alone shows that both are related and that to erect it /or the Date and Time used was no guess work, as scoffers think venus transits over ascendant for wheat

Several years a/ter this Chart was com pitted I recognized a very important fart, which, of course, has nothing to- do with our progressions the way you have to make them to find the trends, which nevertheless is very handy for you, when trading, and which (revealed for the first time to anyone) should prove to be as important as those contained in the chapters dealing with Higher Astrology in Parr III. Still more important hidden secrets are for you to pick out, but given not quite as clear as this one, else "you'd have too much gravy on your plate ..." Here is the SECRET: Check any year of which you may have a chart of Wheat and see what happened when 2 in the sky passes the Ascendant of the Jan. 2, 1587 chart! Use the 0", 15", 30", 45and on up quantity! This shows definitely that the "Book of Orders' 'issued back in 1587 gives us the Trend of Wheat. If you use the 1941 chart and think clearly, you will find still a greater law right within this one which gives you nine times out of ten the actual direction wheat must take from the moment ephemeral 2 strikes 2*24' and 17*24' of any sign. It will pay you to work an entire year on this secret, although some may find it by just siring up the situation.

Let us look at the 1940 Wheat Chart! You have a copy in the "Handbook": Venus pisses these critical Ascendant points 2"24' and 17*24'' in that year on: Feb. 2nd, Bottom; Feb. 14th, Bottom; Feb. 27th, intermediate Top; Match 11th, Top; March 24th, Top; April 7th, Bottom; April 22nd, extreme Top of the move; May 10th (Wow! Top! Ready for the burst!) July 1st, Bottom.

Betwcea May 10th and July 1st there was nothing, since Venus in the sky deigned to go Retrograde. When the point wis hitting again, we had gone down 36 cents ia the price of Wheat! (This does not always happen, since on August 16th, 1943, we made an important low, the! day clients; bought wheat for the big up more, but then Venas was ready 10 go retrograde).

Continuing through the year 1940: August 6th, top; August 215th, last low from which we broke out upwards; Sept. 11th and 26th, nothing much happened, but Oct. 9th, small low and big upswing began again; Oct. 22nd, important top; Nov. 4th, low; Nov. 16th, roajoc top foe that move; Nov. 28th, bottom; Dec. 11th, top; Dec. 21st, important low.

Was this rule worth while to get my book to find out what the study of Astrology can being forth?

Use this rule, of course, in conjunction with the progressed chart for Wheat the way I showed in the Wool example and you will produce astounding forecasts.

This rule never could have been found without working out the Horoscope for the "Book of Orders". The idea of .using 2 in current Ephemerii together with the angles of the Ascendant of that specific Horoscope is really not within the teachings of the Five-fold Horoscope. It will take you a long time to digest what is given in this book, especially with what you will get in the next chapter.

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